Iñaki Williams Record Breaker SBC

This is Iñaki Williams Record Breaker SBC celebrating his 203 consecutive league match for Athletic Club. 7 squads are required ( yes you read well ) and a total of around 130 K for a 2 stars weak foot striker. Check out requirements and review.


Record Breakers coming this Week

Record Breaker card has been just added to the game code. Record Breaker items are awarded to players that set records or accomplished near-historic feats. Those players are given permanent upgrades. What to expect and how this promo worked in the past.


FUT 22 Team of the Week 5 Prediction

This is our prediction for the upcoming Team of the Week. Too many contenders make this prediction one of the most difficult ones. Check out the players we have picked and why.


FUT 22 Team of the Week Tracker

You can check the Team of the Week 5 contenders in our TOTW Tracker. As soon as a player has a performance we consider could grant him an inform he will be added to our tracker. Check it out.


Nabil Fekir Road to the Knockouts SBC

Nabil Fekir has just received a Road to The Knockouts Europa League card. To get this card you have to complete his SBC. 2 squads are required and the total price is around 95K. Check out details and review.

PES 2010 Latest Playtest Impressions at PESGaming

  POSTED August 31 |   VIEWS 3808

PESGaming reported their latest impressions about the Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 buil they go played. Dougiedonut affirms in his report : "I felt the game was a little faster than when I got to play it a while back at around the 50% complete mark.  This wasn’t a bad thing, as the pace of play was still relatively slower than pes2009." Click here to read the article.


"I left the playtest with a quiet confidence about PES2010.  We’re well onto our way to getting a serious game that has bounced back.  I am holding back from declaring my undying love for it, because we’re on the home straight, but the race isn’t over yet.  It would be easy for Konami to start to wave to the crowds and even perhaps sign a few autographs, and offer self-congratulatory smiles to the crowds with the finish line in sight.  But the big three sites which in my opinion are us guys at PESGaming, WENB and PESFan (in no particular order) will be continuing to provide feedback and request more out of Konami until the very last minute, because there are still small details to iron out.

I’m trying to think of negatives to point out, as I did with my previous playtest, but I can honestly say that there isn’t anything that sticks out that is fundamentally wrong with the game.  We need to play a build that is closer to the finished product to categorically state whether the last few features that we want to see implemented are added (such as the invisible throw-in barriers, keeper goal kicks etc, as well as online play).

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Konami for implementing 360 control in the game.

It’s absolutely amazing that after the complaints people made after the previous playtest, that Konami listened to what we wanted, and implemented a vital feature - and it works! It’s not a bodged implementation that partially works, but a proper new feature that they can be rightfully proud of.  They listened to what we wanted to see in PES, so please do express your appreciation for the hard work Konami have put into adding features into the game at this late stage."




Play PES 2011 with Spain and Japan

Thanks to Hio you can play PES 2011 Demo with Spain and Japan national teams. Check out this small application that will allow you to choose which 4 teams you would like to enable in demo.

PES 2010 Monday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Juventus 10-11 GDB Folder V3 BY : TUNEVI Sport Recife GDB Folder BY : ABNER X Valladolid 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TXAK Cesena 10-11 GDB Folder BY : WE-PES WORLD Bundesliga Facepack by Ze Filho BY : RODRIGUINHO Real Madrid CF Kit Set 10/11 BY : MULLER BENTO Liverpool FC Set 10/11 BY : DINO Liverpool FC Set 10/11 - TechFit Model BY : DINO Liverpool FC Trainig Set 10/11 BY : DINO Pack Nike Training 10-11 BY : RODRIGUINHO.

PES 2010 Sunday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone.

PES 2010 Saturday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Alex Face BY : ARTHUR GATTI Kevin Prince Boateng Face BY : YURI International Faces Pack BY : MAURICIO Richardson V1 e V2 by Ze Filho BY : RODRIGUINHO Real Madrid CF Trainig Set 10/11 BY : DINO Real Madrid CF Set 10/11 - TechFit Model BY : DINO Real Madrid CF Set 10/11 BY : DINO.

PES 2010 Friday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Faces Pack by Nylton Martins BY : NYLTON MARTINS Rayo Vallecano GDB Folder BY : TXAK 10 Stadiums Pack with Lightmaps V2 BY : FORZAROMA Vincenza 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TUNEVI Adizero Leather Pack!!! BY : MIGUELSTYLE Netherlands Training 10-11 BY : RODRIGUINHO FK Zeljeznicar GDB 2010-2011 Season by Marinho BY : MARINHO.

PES 2010 Thursday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Empoli 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TUNEVI Guarani (Brazil) GDB Folder BY : RENANN07 Sandro Face BY : SERGIO Brazil Training 10-11 BY : RODRIGUINHO UPDATE Sao Paulo 10-11 GDB FOLDER BY : RODRIGUINHO Breno Face by thgo BY : THGO.