First Owner Fiesta Objective

Complete this objective by winning 7 games with your first owner players to earn a +83 Rare Gold Player. Is it worth it? Check out the details.


Gakpo Eredivisie Player of The Month SBC

Earn the Eredivisie Player of the Month for September, Cody Gakpo, by completing this SBC. 1 squad is required and the total price is around 25 K.


83+ Upgrade SBC

Earn a pack containing a Rare Player rated 83 OVR or higher by completing this SBC. It´s not repeatable, and it requires an 82 squad. Check out the details.


78+ Upgrade Squad Building Challenge

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Mbemba and Suárez Dynamic Duo SBC

Marseille's players Mbemba and Luis Suárez received Dynamic Duo items. You can complete this SBC to earn both of them. Total price is around 50 K and 2 squads are required. Check out the details.

Another Interview to Seabass

  POSTED August 28 |   VIEWS 4261 interview Seabass. He talked about online play, developement of the game and the 360-degree control

“2009 was not a good year for PES Productions. On the slow search for the perfect balance for one, but surely lost the game superannuated Tokyo's progress from his eyes and had to be unanimous, according to press enter over the second thoughts out of the house once eternal EA beaten. The Canadians had simply done more for the game and was able to flay's technically especially tidy impression. For 2010 we want to restore the "normal" again, and set with PES once again the benchmark in terms of football.

We have for you, with Shingo Takatsuka, the mastermind behind Pro Evolution Soccer to entertain. 'Seabass' about new beginnings, zone defense and realism.

Eurogamer: You're this year in a new situation. Last year was all the world that Fifa had overtaken PES. What effect did this have on the development of PES 2010?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: We saw this a bit differently. In our opinion, FIFA was better last year than we did. They have not caught up. They were much better. Of course, our site is important, as FIFA is good or not, but that's not the point. Much more shocking for us was, however, as the PES-user thought. We have seen that they were not happy with PES 2009 and that was much more shocking for us and produced great pressure. Because of these reactions, we owe them a much better game in 2010.

That was the feeling with which we approach the development of PES 2010.

Eurogamer: How did the depressed in development?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: With PES 2009 ended an era. PES 2010 is also for us an entirely new PES, a game that forms the basis of a new generation. We say this because we have changed the way in which we create PES. Until 2009, we have created the game action for action and assembled into a game. That was ok until 2009. But the gameplay became too arcade, action-on.

For PES 2010, we said to ourselves: we must change our approach. We have therefore set in from the front a number of goals: Where are we going, what players we wanted to target and how they should look the matches, and have been working on it. So we have changed the creative process.

Secondly, in PES 2010 we wanted to improve the attack of the players yet, but would not play games, which fall into too many goals. So we have developed a new style of zone defense, which ensures that your results are more realistic.

This type of development we have used the first time in 15 years and therefore we can say that we have with PES 2010 gameplay finally reached the next level. We also have the slider strategies and the card system to the players introduced. These features are also an example of the new approach.

Eurogamer: The 360-degree control has indeed FIFA announced as the first. Now she makes it. How long have you studied this technique already, and what do you think she is doing for Pro Evolution Soccer?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: We actually have long experiment with the 360-degree control. We always thought a lot about when most would be the best timing for it. Only last year we thought it would have been the right time, then this year. We have always thought about the timing - and because FIFA is now also makes, of course, we thought we finally integrate them into our product. But it is not just a fight "Fifa makes it, so we have to." We have always experimented around with it and wanted to make the already quite a while.

In terms of ball control: That you should just try yourself time to figure out how to change the game. I can tell you however that may be observed especially on the side lines is a big change. Where the time the ball went out of bounds, they can be kept in PES 2010, with only a small move, perhaps still in the game. On the other hand, if you are not careful, you can carry the ball with the 360-degree control even easier out of play. You will feel this difference, then, very clearly. Especially on the lines.

Eurogamer: You look yourself a lot of football for research purposes? Therefore, you bring your new ideas?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: Actually I get the main input of it if I PES players may see it while playing. This gives me a different perspective than when I watch real football. I can think of many more things that I could integrate into the game. There is always something to improve. In fact, I even had ideas for the next few years.

Eurogamer: With dribbling superstars could overcome in 2009, the defense is still too easy. How can you stop in 2010, this powerful player?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: players like Ronaldo and Messi, so these dribbler themselves in genuine Football exceptional abilities, so they have in our game. For 2010, we did not want to weaken. Messi is a brilliant player and it would not be fair to reduce its value. Instead, we have renewed the zone defense system. It is our opinion the right way.

In real football Messi is to stop in one-on-one very difficult. But there are examples where such superstars are effectively taken out of play "because the team works together and the players to help out each other in the zone defense.

Eurogamer: Even the goalkeepers were a problem in the last game, right?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: Yes, we have first improved somewhat, so that they can be not so easy this time loaded with tricks. Furthermore, we have the team we have always asked myself why it is so easy to overcome the keeper. Well, in real football, in a one-on-one situation, a completely free attacker a good chance to sink the ball.

Again, we have a little thought differently. We wanted to cooperate, the defenders anymore. So we have the defense system adapted so that a pure one-occur less frequently on-one situations. The defenders will defend the goal always coincided with the keeper to prevent the attack is not so easily have.

Eurogamer: What has changed in the champions league?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: The Master League has visually changed. But this is not the most important. The most important changes stuck in the end. Some in the financial system: If you won a game's predecessors, you got a certain amount of points that were needed to guide the club. This time it's even income from sponsors. If your team goes on a tour that takes you to one more example, just like in real football.

In addition, it was then game over, if you had arrived in the red. This time, we thought, in reality this is not always the case. Even if one falls into the red, you can buy, for example, one player who is so popular, for example, that you get more viewers and thus deserves more money again. I believe this gives the game a larger management component. But there are so many other new things.

We have also integrated the true European league and the Champions League in the real Champions League. We wanted it in the Champions League comes to build, not just the players but also the association. To sum up: It's just become more interesting.

Eurogamer: The online was a problem in the previous game. What will be different this time?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: Online in the past was a problem for us. We have therefore revised the system. To be precise, the PES 2008-360-based version of our favor because we felt that it worked best at the end.

There is also an online community and an online Champions League, are really great. Namely, if one line comes into the knockout stage of the tournament, it's just like in the real Champions League. This is very exciting.

Eurogamer: The game seems to be a little slower overall. Was the basis of realism concerns?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: Yes, that is also connected with that of PES 2010 we changed our approach to development. We have set ourselves some goals at the beginning of development, have analyzed many aspects of real football, and implements this knowledge in the game. The balance of the players speed is a quantity that we have analyzed in great detail.
The thing is this: We need zusammendampfen a game like football that is played over 90 minutes to 10 minutes. So there must be differences in the sequence. Therefore, the flow of the game may seem a little slower to give pure realistic impression of the game.

Eurogamer: Is there a small new gameplay feature is that many people do not notice at first playing, but it is still very important?

Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka: This is probably mainly the new zone defense: So far, most attack situations, basically a one-on-one. That has changed now, thanks to the new zone defense. If you want to stop powerful dribbler like Messi you have to slow down their attack just to attack, they may not. In this way we get more support from other midfielders or defenders. This is something that has not previously happened.
I recommend all players as well, Straddle once more. This year, the straddle is in fact quite different. Tried it!”


Play PES 2011 with Spain and Japan

Thanks to Hio you can play PES 2011 Demo with Spain and Japan national teams. Check out this small application that will allow you to choose which 4 teams you would like to enable in demo.

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