3 new Black Friday SBC Available

3 new SBC have been released. Probably the last ones of the Black Friday Promo. 82+ Player Pick, 82+ Player Guaranteed, and 81 - 87 upgrade. Check out requirements and what we got in them. These SBCs will be available for 2 days.


Team of the Week 10 Prediction

This is our prediction for the upcoming Team of the Week 10. De Bruyne, Coman, Grizmann among the best players. Check Mahrez situation regarding next TOTW and why we have picked these players.


Memphis Depay Moments SBC

This SBC celebrates Memphis Depay's long-range goal vs Toulouse FC in the 16-17 season. 4 days to complete this SBC. It requires an 86 squad + TOTW.


5 New Record Breakers Players Available

5 new items have been released. 5 Record Breakers cards have been awarded to Van Dijk, Vela, Fábregas, Donnarumma and Vardy. Check them out.


More Next-Gen Game Footage Revealed

New footage from Next-Gen FIFA 21 has been revealed featuring players arriving at the stadium, walking out of the tunnel, and new cameras during celebrations. Check them out.

Logitech G923 Wheel details

  POSTED August 05 |   VIEWS 462

Logitech just introduced their new wheel, the G923. The G923 brings you closer to the details than ever before with TRUEFORCE, the first high-definition force feedback. Check out details.

TRUEFORCE changes the game. While other racing wheels simplify and downgrade game physics, Logitech G delivers the first high-definition force feedback steering wheel with precisely controlled forces and an unprecedented update rate.

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While most racing wheels still operate on old force feedback technology, where forces and vibrations are created from a selection of profiles and a limited library of haptic effects, TRUEFORCE does it on high-speed, real-time haptics software technology derived from surgical force-feedback systems—with enough bandwidth to deliver detailed game physics right to your G923. So you feel everything. 

TRUEFORCE delivers directly rendered kinesthetic and tactile force feedback—calculated internally at up to 4000Hz—right to your G923, delivering an immersive, real-racing experience. Tactile feedback lets you feel everything with fine-tuned nuance—vibrational effects, road surfaces, terrain changes, tire contact, weather. Kinesthetic effects let you feel tire grip, bumps, crashes, and g-forces so you can react quicker and win the race. 

The price is $399.99

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Wheel Technical Specifications

  •     Rotation: 900 degrees lock-to-lock
  •     Hall-effect steering sensor
  •     Dual-Motor Force Feedback with TRUEFORCE
  •     Overheat safeguard

Pedal Technical Specifications

  •     Nonlinear brake pedal
  •     Patented carpet grip system
  •     Textured heel grip
  •     Self-calibrating


  •     Wheel spokes: Anodized aluminum
  •     Wheel cover Hand-stitched leather
  •     Steering shaft: Steel
  •     Shifter paddles: Brushed stainless steel
  •     Mounting clamps: Glass-filled nylon
  •     Pedal frames and arms: cold rolled steel
  •     Pedal faces: Brushed stainless steel
  •     Pedal piston sleeves: Polyoxymethylene thermoplastic (POM)


More Next-Gen Game Footage Revealed

New footage from Next-Gen FIFA 21 has been revealed featuring players arriving at the stadium, walking out of the tunnel, and new cameras during celebrations. Check them out.

FIFA 21 Update 6 Released on PC

Changes in gameplay, game mods and updated portraits, kits, badges, etc. Check all details and what to expect. The update is already available on PC. Later it will be available on consoles.

FIFA 21 Next Generation Trailer

EA revealed a new FIFA 21 Next-Gen trailer. They have announced some new features like gameplay cameras and LiveLight Rendering. Check them out. Online

FUTIcon. com it´s a new website of our network where you can find useful info about FUT including a complete Players database from where you can also download any of the cards available in the game. FIFA 21 Database Online - Update 9 October

You can browse the complete FIFA 21 Database online. We have the latest database update live at fifadatabase. com. You can compare players, check players' formations, traits, values, wages, etc. This will be updated as soon as release a new update.

The New Sound of the Premier League

The Premier League has launched a new anthem ahead of the 2020/21 season, which starts on Saturday 12 September when Fulham takes on Arsenal at 12. 30pm. Expect this track to be included in the 20 / 21 FIFA Infinity-ModdingWay Mods.