Mollet League Player Objective

A new item has been introduced to FUT Database. The League Players, featuring upgraded players from different leagues. The first player is from Ligue 1 : Florent Mollet, Montpellier advanced midfielder. Check out the objectives you have to complete to get him.


Akinfenwa Rulebreaker Objective

A 74 Akinfenwa Objective is available. You have 3 days to complete it. Unleash the Beast!.


Bellarabi Rulebreaker SBC

An interesting SBC has been released giving you the chance to pick between 2 Bellarabi Recordbreaker items. 2 squads required ( 84 and 85 ) You have 6 days to complete it. The price of this SBC is between 90-100k.


FIFA 21 New Portraits in the Official Update

New portraits have been released in the latest FIFA 21 Update. Most of them are from the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. No team from Serie A has been updated. Barcelona has not been updated either. So no new portraits for Messi or Cristiano. Check them out.


Marquee Matchups SBC

A new Marques Matchups SBC has been released. The group reward is a Rare Electrum Players Pack. Check out requirements and cheapest squads.

A Way Out Official Gameplay Trailer

  POSTED June 10 |   VIEWS 4886

Probably the most interesting game revealed today at EA Play. Something different from just kicking a ball, driving a car or kill droids and soilders. From the creator of Brothers : a Tale of Two Sons, EA brings A Way Out, two prisoners trying to escape from jail. Check the trailer. 

  A Way Out Official Gameplay Trailer
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The narrative keeps you on your toes, offering a fresh, unique and compelling experience throughout. Get a unique look into the character’s personal lives and their driving motivations through their interaction with others as strong cinematic moments tie the plot together and propel the characters forward through their journey.

A Way Out takes place in a prison, where Vincent and Leo are looking for a way out. There will be different ways to solve problems, taking the lead with one character or the other. A Way Out is only playable in co-op with another player. Local or online co-op, players will always need another person to experience the game with.