Sergio Ramos TOTW Prediction

Great match by Real Madrid's captain Sergio Ramos. Real Madrid victory 3-1 in the Spanish Derby will probably earn Sergio Ramos a new In-Form. Check out how this card would like.


Rulebreakers Team One Review

The new RULEBREAKERS promotion has been released. Players with changed stats, ones improved, others reduced, are included in this Promo. This first team will be available in pack during one weak. Check out their stats and reviews.


Mukiele Rulebreaker Objective

A new objective is available. It´s Mukiele Rulebreaker. An interesting RB you can get by completing 5 tasks. Check what you need to earn this player.


Iñaki Williams Rulebreaker SBC

An interesting SBC has been released giving you the chance to pick between 2 Iñaki Williams Recordbreaker items. 2 squads required ( 84 and 85 ) You have 6 days to complete it. The price of this SBC is between 90-100k.


Rulebreakers Promo Revealed

A new FUT promo is coming this weekend. It´s Rulebreakers, a promo where players will leave behind their previous styles of play and they will transform into different kinds of stars with game-changing stats updates. In a certain way, it reminds Screamers from FIFA 19.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Heavy Cargo Pack DLC

  POSTED May 12 |   VIEWS 7584


SCS Software announced the release of Heavy Cargo Pack - the latest addition to the wide range of specialized DLCs for the critically acclaimed Euro Truck Simulator 2.

  Euro Truck Simulator 2 Heavy Cargo Pack DLC

With the Heavy Cargo Pack expansion, the real heavyweights are entering the ring. Driving skills will be tested and precious mighty trucks will be brought to their limits with heavy loads weighing up to 61 tons. The DLC features impressively detailed real-life cargo models and new special trailers.


  • Asphalt Miller - Writigen 808 (44 t)
  • Industrial Cable Reel (34 t)
  • Concrete Beams (51 t)
  • Crawl Dozer - Z35K (39 t)
  • Locomotive - Bossloc (61 t)
  • Metal Centering (28 t)
  • Mobile Crane - Rex-Tex 45 (55 t)
  • Transformer - PK900 (47 t)


These massive cargoes will benefit from new high-tech trailers! To be able to maneuver properly with something so huge attached to a truck tractor, the driver needs extra maneuverability. And we've got it covered because this expansion also brings new trailers with steering axles!


Alongside this new DLC, we've also added a lot of FREE content in the base Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Because heavy duty calls for more options, with this new DLC we've unlocked the amazing muscular 8x4 chassis for the Mercedes-Benz's new Actros, Volvo FH 2012 and both Scania R and Streamline trucks for all Euro Truck Simulator 2 base game owners. They've received special cabin paint jobs to make them distinctive and ready for more difficult challenges. There are also new accessories for all trucks available in the game, such as wheel tuning parts.

Moreover we've developed a new feature – the Truck Analysis screen. It's similar to a veteran truck mechanic who can give you extra insight and information about the suitability of a given truck configuration for a particular transportation task.

Heavy Cargo Pack expansion Steam price: USD $4.99, EUR €4.99, GBP £3.99


Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Italia DLC Released

This map DLC expands Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the region of beautiful European country Italy with its rich history, modern industry, traditional architecture, and diverse natural environments. Check out the trailer we released driving from Verona to Livorno.