Flashback ShapeShifters Revealed

A new ShapeShifters player has been revealed. It will be a Flashback and it will come via SBC. Check out the details.


Vardy ShapeShifters Moments SBC

Earn a Shapeshifters Moments Jamie Vardy celebrating his amazing performance in the famous 5-3 comeback against Man United in 2014/15 PL season. This is his first every card in a position different than a striker.


Year in Review Player Pick

Earn 1 of 3 Players that were released exclusively through SBCs in FUT22 in March, April, and May. Icons SBCs are not included. Check out the details.


Eusebio Icon Moments SBC

Build towards earning the Icon Moments version of Eusébio. 14 Squads are required. Check out the details.


New ShapeShifters SBC Revealed

A new player ShapeShifters player is added to come via SBC. He already got one special card in FUT 22. Check out the details.

FIFA 17 Squads File Modding Tutorial - Video & Tool

  POSTED April 12 |   VIEWS 58252

We provide you this video tutorial as well as a small tool to help you to edit FIFA 17 squad files. It may be complex if you have not experience but we encourage you to try and check the results. As always we suggest that when you try this squad files you should be offline to avoid any conflict with online features.

  FIFA 17 Squads File Modding Tutorial - Video & Tool

What do you need ?

  1. Any of the squad files we have released in FIFA 17 Squads Files V 1.0
  2. FIFA 17 Squads Files Converter developed by ModdingWay
  3. XML file ( Right Click and Save as )
  4. DB Master 15 by Rinaldo

What to do ?

Check out the video tutorial. In the example we just promote Newcastle and relegate Sunderland.

1. Get one of the squad files we have released in squad files v 1.0 and paste into FIFA 17 Squads Files Converter folder.

2. Open FIFA 17 Squads Files Converter and click on extract database

3. Now a squads.db file has been created in the same folder. Open that with DB master and XML we have provided.

4. Make the changes you want using DB Master. Finally save ( it could take a while to save the first time )

5. Open FIFA 17 Squads Files Converter and click on create squad file

6. Get the squad file created and paste into My Documents / FIFA 17 / settings / folder

Ready !

This is only possible in PC version of the game. It won´t affect your online experience.


FIFA Infinity Patch 17 Version 3.0

FIFA Infinity released their FIFA 17 V 3. 0 Mod. This mod updates all team rosters to 2017/18 season, adds new clubs like AEK Athens, APOEL, Maribor, Qarabag and Sparta Prague, introduces new legends in the Classic XI team with the likes of Totti, Lampard. Check it out !.

FIFA 17 - How to import Mods

This video tutorial helps you to install Frosty Tools to apply mods to FIFA 17. Also it helps you to apply mods using Frosty Mod Manager. You will find many mods available already in our Download Center. Install mods is not easy as it used to be but it´s worth a try.

FIFA 17- Great Improvements related to modding possibilities

Galaxyman and Shawminator have made a major breakthrough with their tools that will allow us to mod FIFA 17 and probably FIFA 18 too. We showed you a few days ago the first textures imported to FIFA 17. Well now there are more great news.

Yes! First textures imported to FIFA 17

Thanks to Galaxyman and Shawminator we are finally able to mod FIFA 17. Of course we are far from modding possibilities we had in previous FIFA games, but now we are able to import textures to the game. Check out the first screenshots.

FIFA 17 Modding first steps

There are good news for FIFA 17 modding community, and probably for FIFA 18 too. Thanks to GalaxyMan2005 in a future we will be able to import mods to FIFA 17. He was working since a few months on FrostyTool, a tool developed to mod games powered by Frostbite Engine.

Jose Mourinho Career File - FIFA 17

We found a way to edit career mode files. So we were able to assing real managers id to generic ones, those you create when you start the career. So now you can play career mode as real managers like Guardiola, Mourinho and others present in FIFA 17.