FIFA 16 ModdingWay Mod Stats Explanation

  POSTED November 09, 2016

Many users reported that during career many players overall go down by one ( -1 ) This is because FIFA 16 calculates overall in a different way than FIFA 17, and since in the last update we have added FIFA 17 stats we have this issue in career mode. Anyway this is just an overall adjustment by the game but not a stats change. We mean even Pogba overall goes down by one, his stats remain the same. 

For instance we tried different tests

a) We set Pogba's Overall to 87 so after playing first match in career his overall did not change. But his stats did. Many went down. We forced Pogba's Overall to 87 so the game adjusted the stats according to it. 

b) We tried with Pogba's Overal set to 88 ( FIFA 17 one ). After playing first game his overall went down -1  (  87 ) but his stats keep the same. In that case the game adjusted the overall but the stats remain the same.

So if we understand what´s going on, why this is happenning I guess the best solution is to keep stats and live with this adjustment made by the game. Returning to FIFA 16 stats it´s also live with old stats that sometimes has nothing to do with the player actual form.

What do you think ?


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