Fekir Honourable Mentions Review

With NaNNiK Gaming we bring you this Nabil Fekir Honourable Mentions Video and Stats Review. Is he worth it?.


Moments and Flashback Revealed

A Moments item and a Flashback both coming via SBC have been revealed. One of them is not from the Top 5 Leagues.


TOTY and TOTY Icons Latest Market Prices

Check out the latest TOTY and TOTY Icon's latest Market Prices. Haaland joins the team with a price of around 5 M.


Otamendi Honourable Mentions Objective

Complete this set of objectives to earn Honourable Mentions Nicolás Otamendi.


85+ x3 Defender Upgrade

Exchange a squad to earn 3 Defenders (GK, LWB, LB, RWB, RB, CB) rated 85 OVR or higher.

NBA 2K17 MyCareer Features and Screenshots

  POSTED September 02, 2016 |   VIEWS 5648

New features have been added to NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode. Player creation, story, endorsements, text messages have been revamped. Check them out here and take a look at latest screenshots.

 Screenshots Gallery

Player Creation

You’re not just choosing a position anymore. Now you also choose what type of a player you want to be, and this, in turn, dictates your starting attributes. From choosing an archetype, you move on to many of the typical creation decisions, like height, weight, and wingspan. The key to remember in 2K17 is that THESE THINGS MATTER. How you shape yourself from the very beginning has a huge impact on what type of a player you will become.


In 2K17 the way you play the game and the decisions you make off-the-court will change the way you experience the narrative. This a big difference with 2K16. Now if you’re a gym rat like your partner ( read later ), the two of you will form a strong bond right away. If you’re more outspoken in press conferences and when talking with the media, it will have ramifications down the line.

Text Messages

The main form of communication in MyCAREER with the various people you interact with is text messaging. In past years, this type of communication was very primitive, and usually one-way. This year, the conversations are completely interactive. You decide what to say and how each conversation will unfold.


Instead of waiting weeks and weeks for shoe companies to come around, in NBA 2K17, you make the decision right at the beginning of your career, just like a real NBA rookie would. Each company offers different benefits. Some will give you more swag right away, while others will require you to work harder to move up the ladder. Your draft position plays a big role in this, so the better you do in college, the more likely you’ll be able to jump right into a cash deal or even a custom colorway deal, rather than just a simple merch deal. As your star continues to rise, more companies will come calling. And this is completely dynamic in that it’s all based on the way you play. A company like Mountain Dew might be looking for a flashier player, while a company like Spalding is more interested in players that exhibit strong ball handling abilities. If you fit either of those criteria, expect those companies to reach out sooner rather than later.
Your partner - Justice Young
Justice Young, a rising NBA star that teams up with your MyPlayer. Throughout the game Justice acts as a friend and support system while navigating the realities of playing in the NBA, with greater emphasis on in-game choices that will directly impact outcomes on-and-off the court.  

As MyPLAYER and Justice continue to work together off the court, it has a real impact in what happens during games. When the two of you are locked in, you have the opportunity to utilize dual player controls for the first time ever in MyCAREER. Not only can you tell Justice to do things like cut to the basket, take a shot, or isolate, you can also switch over and control him entirely.


NBA 2K17 April Mods - 24/04

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NBA 2K17 Week Mods - April 20

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NBA 2K17 Week Mods - April 10

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NBA 2K17 Official Patch 1.12 released

Patch 1,12 has been released on PC, PS4 and XBOX One and was built for addressing gameplay feedback from gamers. 2K Sports reports improvements to double team logic for more appopiate rotations and improved logic for off-ball collision among other fixes. Check the complete list.

NBA 2K17 April Mods - 01/04

Great mods for NBA 2K17 have been added to our Download Center. Thanks to Syxxness, Manni, Pinoy, Advinxcola, R4ZOR for sharing their works. Cyber faces, jerseys and courts are available from our Download Center. Check out Danilo Gallinari and Tony Parker cyber faces by Syxxness.

More Cyber Faces for NBA 2K17

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CyberFaces for NBA 2K17

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NBA 2K17 Month Mods - 31/01/2017

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