Kimmich FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

Kimmich has received a major update as well as his position has changed. Check out his FIFA 21 stats and find out if he could become one of the favorite players in the game.


Benzema FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

Karim Benzemá received an upgrade in FIFA 21. But is it worth? Maybe the upgrade in numbers is not reflected in his performance in-game. Let´s check out his stats.


Mbappé FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

It´s not a major upgrade, but Mbappé's overall rating has been improved by 1 compared with his FIFA 20 card. Check which stats have been upgraded and why he could become one of the most deadly weapons at the beginning of the FUT season.


The New Sound of the Premier League

The Premier League has launched a new anthem ahead of the 2020/21 season, which starts on Saturday 12 September when Fulham takes on Arsenal at 12. 30pm. Expect this track to be included in the 20 / 21 FIFA Infinity-ModdingWay Mods.


Alexander-Arnold FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

The Alexander-Arnold base gold card has received a major update. From 83, his overall rating has been increased to 87. We check out which stats have been improved.

EA Sports UFC 2 IGN Review

  POSTED March 18 |   VIEWS 4468

This new, spectacular-looking attempt at mixed martial arts fighting has the moves, but does it have the heart of the sport?

  EA Sports UFC 2 IGN Review

SCORE : 6.4

The Good

  • Varied Stand-Up game
  • Impressive visuals

The Bad

  • Ultimately Predictable
  • Ground game is too rigid
  • Uninspired Game Modes

EA Sports UFC 2 Official Finish the Fight Trailer

Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson boast about their fastest knockouts.

Fight Like Mike Tyson in EA Sports UFC 2

Check out Mike Tyson and other legends featured in EA Sports UFC 2 if you pre-order the game.

EA Sports UFC 2 Official Gameplay Trailer

Get ready to rumble with this action-packed trailer for EA Sports UFC 2.

EA SPORTS UFC 2 | Vision Trailer

EA SPORTS UFC 2 innovates with stunning character likeness and animation, adds an all new Knockout Physics System and authentic gameplay features, and invites all fighters to step back into the Octagon to experience the thrill of finishing the fight.