3 New Future Stars Tokens Released

3 New Future Stars Swaps Tokens have been added to the game. One via SBC, another one via Objective, and the last one is available at the Store.


Rashford Player of the Month SBC

Earn the Premier League Player of the Month for January, Marcus Rashford. The price is around 260 K.


Lindstrom Future Stars Academy Objective

Develop the young talent and work your way up the ranks with Jesper Lindstrøm.


Fabio Vieira Future Stars SBC

Complete this SBC to earn a special FUT Future Stars Fábio Vieira. The price is around 215 K.


Future Stars Team 1 Released

Future Stars Team 1 has been released. Items will be in packs until next Friday.

PRO-EVO Editing Studio coming soon

  POSTED October 22, 2009

Soon, thanks to goldorakiller from , we will be able to enjoy the PRO-EVO Editing Studio for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Click on readmore to check out some screenshots and features.





1. Editing Players : Names / Basic settings / Positions / Abilities / Cards / Motion / Accessories / Faces-Hairs Relink / Hiden Skills / Capitalize
2. Editing Teams : Names / Basic settings / Fans colors / Home stadiums / Chants Relink / Banners Relink / Capitalize
3. Editing Teams : Formation / Basic settings / Game Plan / Tactics / Players Numbers
4. Editing Teams : Kits (Kits Relink, collar, numbers, fonts, sleeves etc...)
5. Transfers Players (drag & drop system)
6. Advanced compare method : Players Abilities / Players Cards / Players Spiders Charts / Teams Spider charts
6. Global Editing (Stats Adjust) : Teams / Positions / 1-99 Abilities / 1-8 stats / Age / Cards / Dribbling Style / Injury / Boots / Nationality
7. Global Editing (Method Adjust) : - / + / = / +% / -% / Maximum value / Minimum value
8. Global Editing (Special Functions) : Check Shirt names/Check for Duplicate Players/Check Fake Players
9. Editing Stadiums : Names
10. Import/Export Players datas in .player10/.PES10_player format
11. Import/Export Players datas in .csv format
12. Export Teams rosters in .csv format
13. Editing Balls names
14. Filter List players by ID / Alpha / Nationality / Team / Position / Free / Capacities / Cards / Duplicate Players
15. Advanced Search Function : case sensitive / search by "contains" / search by "start with" / search by "match exact" / search by enter name directly


1. IMG Explorer : Explore .img files content
2. Image Viewer : Support *.BMP;*.CUT;*.DCX;*.DDS;*.ICO;*.GIF;*.JPG;*.LBM;*. LIF;*.MDL;*.PCD;*.PCX;*.PIC;*.PNG;*.PNM;*.PSD;*.PS P;*.RAW;*.SGI;*.TGA;*.TIF;*.WAL;*.ACT;*.PAL;|*.BMP ;*.CUT;*.DCX;*.DDS;*.ICO;*.GIF;*.JPG;*.LBM;*.LIF;* .MDL;*.PCD;*.PCX;*.PIC;*.PNG;*.PNM;*.PSD;*.PSP;*.R AW;*.SGI;*.TGA;*.TIF;*.WAL;*.ACT;*.PAL
3. Audio Player/Converter : Play audio files .mp3, .adx, .wav and .wma and Convert .mp3/.wav <-> .adx
4. Zlib Editor : Compress/Decompress zlib files (.bin) and explore .bin files content
5. STR Editor : Edit string files content
6. FM to PEs converter : Convert FM 2009 stats in PES 2009/2010 stats (Huge Database 9.0.3 - over 250 000 players - support prefered moves too !) 



Programer : GoLDoRaKiLLeR©
Programer assistant: Bouquenom
DLL Players 2008 : Skip-Br
DLL Checksum : Mosu90
DLL Zlib : Jean Loup Gailly, Mark Adler and skunk
DLL DevIL.NET : Marco Mastropaolo
DLL ListViewEX : mav.northwind
DLL Bass, ans add-ons :
DLL VFButtons : TigerFab
DLL XPExplorerBar : Mattew Hall
DLL Be.HexBox : Bernhard Elbl
Sticky Window code : Corneliu Tusnea
Big Help : Mosu90, skip-br, skunk, Wild@ and ninuzzu
PES Chants map and research : Tommsen and gigimarulla
PES Commentaries map : gabe.paul.logan from evo-web
PES Faces map : Damian,tYphO, bartek-br, albertocp and others from evo-web 
PES Callnames map : EPT Team
FM To PES Converter (Excel) and stats pack : Steven McCutcheon
FM Genie Scout : Eugene Tarabanovsky
FM 08 database : Gortop
FM 09 database : GoLDoRaKiLLeR©
Legend Editor : whivel
Increase number of players : zioborgo
Beta-testing: members and guests of Evo-Web and PRO-EVO forums
ADX is a proprietary audio storage and compression format developed by CRI Middleware 
Any others names mentioned are property of their companies

And special thanks to Mosu90, skip-br, skunk, juce, Ariel, wild@, ninuzzu, the members of evo-web forum and ModdingWay! 

Website :


Play PES 2011 with Spain and Japan

Thanks to Hio you can play PES 2011 Demo with Spain and Japan national teams. Check out this small application that will allow you to choose which 4

PES 2010 Monday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Juventus 10-11 GDB Folder V3 BY : TUNEVI Sport Recife GDB Folder BY : ABNER

PES 2010 Sunday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone.

PES 2010 Saturday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Alex Face BY : ARTHUR GATTI Kevin Prince Boateng Face BY : YURI Intern

PES 2010 Friday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Faces Pack by Nylton Martins BY : NYLTON MARTINS Rayo Vallecano GDB Folder

PES 2010 Thursday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Empoli 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TUNEVI Guarani (Brazil) GDB Folder BY : RENANN

PES 2010 Wednesday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Faces Pack Brasileirao BY : MAURICIO Boots Pack HD V2 BY : IBRAKADABRA8

PES 2010 Tuesday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone. Ekotto Face BY : DELPIERO_10 Fiorentina 10-11 GDB Folder V2 BY : TUNEVI

PES 2010 PS3: Fully editable

We've already "warned" you that we are going to do this. Here is the first demonstration of what you can do on PS3 with the use of gam