Kean, Neymar or Mbappé? Team of the Week 5

PSG scored 4 against Dijon. Kean, Neymar, and Mbappé were the key players of their great performance. Could any of them get an In-Form? Probably. So let´s check out which one of them could be in the Week 5 TOTW.


Will Lewandowski get a second In-Form ?

Lewandowski is on fire. Today he scored another Hat-Trick. A new In-form could be coming next week when Team of the Week 5 will be announced. Check out how this item would look like.


Defy the Norm SBC

A new SBC related to Rulebreakers Promo. You can earn an UNTRADEABLE Rare Gold Pack. Check out requirements and what we got.


Pierre Kunde Malong Rulebreaker SBC

A new Rulebreaker SBC has been released. It´s for Pierre Kunde Malong, Mainz 05 CDM. 2 squads required ( 83 and 85 ). Check out requirements and review.


Sergio Ramos TOTW Prediction

Great match by Real Madrid's captain Sergio Ramos. Real Madrid victory 3-1 in the Spanish Derby will probably earn Sergio Ramos a new In-Form. Check out how this card would like.

Konami vs EA Sports : FIFA Copied PES

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What are you saying there? Are you accusing EA of copying PES? "YES...but we shouldn't forget that PES innovated all of this stuff and they did copy it." This is what Jon Murphy, PES 2012 Producer, answer during an interview at Konami HQ Chiswick office.

In the UK it feels like last year FIFA pulled away from PES, more so than in previous years.

Jon "We've always had a product quality lead on them, but we've never overtaken them in sales. There's always been a sales gap."

What are you saying there? Are you accusing EA of copying PES?

Jon "YES...but we shouldn't forget that PES innovated all of this stuff and they did copy it."

Is development set up in a way that EA can react so quickly to your announced features to have them in FIFA? Or is it just a coincidence?

Jon "this year they're talking about the AI and game play as being a key force, which is exactly what we were dealing with last year as a key feature. That's not a coincidence, I'm sure. "

You say EA has locked you out of official licenses. I know many people who play FIFA because of the official licenses. Is it something you will ever be able to do something about, or is that the way it's got to be forever?

Jon "I hope not."

You must be trying to convince them to do that. Why don't they?

Jon "I get a bit fed up with this lack of understanding about why we don't get licenses. It's not because we're lazy. It's not because we don't try and get the right licenses. It's not that we don't raise budgets to do so...There just needs to be a bit more understanding when someone says to us, you're just rubbish with licenses. It's not as simple as that. "

Cmplete article here


Kit Server 13.4.0 for PES 2013

Jenkey released Kit Server 13. 4. 0 for PES 2013. It includes update for official patch 1. 04. Available modules : afs2fs, afsio, lodmixer, speeder, ballsrv, sides, fserv, kserv. Get it from our Download Center.

Kit Server Final Released

Master Jenkey released version 13. 3. 3. 1 for PES 2013. Get it from our Download Center. Update : faceserver supports online playing and fixed minor bugs for kserver and afsio modules.

Great Tools for PES 2013

Master Panos released 3 great tools for PES 2013.

Kit Server Released

Version 13. 3. 0. 0 of Kit Server for PES 2013 has been released by master Jenkey. Now with support for PES 2013 version 1.03. Get it from our Download Center.

Jenkey and Kit Server are back

Master Jenkey released version 13. 2. 0. 0 of Kit Server for PES 2013. This version updates Kit Server to make it compatible with PES 2013 Version 1.02. This is an early build of this new version. A new version that suppots PES 2013 V 1.03 will be relased later.

Boots Changer for PES 2013

Michal Widzew released Boots Changes 2013 for PES 2013. This application allows you to edit Boots name, Brand, Material and Color name as well as change boots stats. Get it from our Download Center.