One New Future Stars Token Released

One New Future Stars Swaps Token has been added to the game. It´s available via SBC.


Vanderson Future Stars Player Pick SBC

Earn a FUT Future Stars Player Pick of Vanderson. Which version will you choose?.


3 New Future Stars Tokens Released

3 New Future Stars Swaps Tokens have been added to the game. One via SBC, another one via Objective, and the last one is available at the Store.


Rashford Player of the Month SBC

Earn the Premier League Player of the Month for January, Marcus Rashford. The price is around 260 K.


Lindstrom Future Stars Academy Objective

Develop the young talent and work your way up the ranks with Jesper Lindstrøm.

PES 2010 Reviews around the world

  POSTED October 15, 2009

Today, many reviews has come on top, as expected! In a quick look around the web, the response through the press and fan sites and quite ambiguous... Some resources claim that "the king is back", while others talk about a disappointing result for another year. All in all, on the few reviews collected by Metacritic, KONAMI's new title gets a 80/100 average for Playstation 3 and 77/100 for the Xbox360 platform. Let's take a deeper look on that...

The scores look really disspointing, but there has been much more reviews giving much better grade to the final game. Some of them shouldn't be cosindered as reliable as others, but for instance, we should take notice of a quite generous 87/100 score on IGN, which isn't included on metacritic. Let's take a deaper look on some memorable reviews, trying to compare with the last years score:

PSM3 Magazine UK 89/100 88/100

PSM3 is praising the game, talking for outstanding improvements that take PES back on track. It claims, though, that FIFA is still in a better place, although the difference is much smaller now.

IGN UK 87/100 85/100

IGN claims that PES 2010 fails to be realistic, but ends up being the most enjoyable game offering fun for the players. Some of the most noted parts of the game, according to IGN UK, is fast-pace, 30-yards shots and the enjoyable lobs 'n' heads... This is kind of the same approach as IGN did last year with PES 2009.

3DJuegos 8.0/10 6.9/10

3DJuegos is the first site that actually seems to see an amazing difference between 2009 vs 2010. The 1.1 difference since last year is followed by the comment "PES 2010 brings hope to Konami’s series with its new iteration. Nice gameplay and fantastic visuals for the actually first Next-Gen Pro Evolution Soccer game."

Xbox World 360 Magazine UK 78/100 85/100

Xbox World is one of the few (if not the only) resources that feels the new game is even worse than last years! The actual comment is "One step forward, two steps back. Konami have shot for realism, but sacrificed the fun.". Xbox World didn't seem to enjoy last year's game too, but this time chose a much lower score for PES.

Vandal Online 8.4/10 8.5/10

In a quite neutral approach, Vandal Online seems to think the game on the same level as last year. The actual words is: "It has more changes than last year's and it's on the right track, but still far from what we all desire."

Spaziogames 8.2/10 8.4/10

Another site that notes an improvement and a step in the right direction, although the difference between the competitor is still distinct. Quote: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is immediate and playable. The problem is its attachment with its own past, leaving Konami's title many steps behind Fifa 10."

Eurogamer 7/10 7/10

One of the most harsh critics against PES 2010 is coming from Eurogamer. Although on a negative manner, this review agrees with IGN UK concerning the non-passing game character and the long shots and lobs abilities. Tom Bramwell also describes the 360° the following way: "feels like it's running on rails rather than flowing freely in any direction, but there are more rails and the degrees of separation are smaller...". The final conclusion gives a chance to hardcore fans that will enjoy the game: "PES 2010's team management options are a warning sign that the Japanese developer still has some tricks up its sleeve, and people for whom the transition to another football game is simply too much to countenance will buy and enjoy this, and discover it still plays a good, grass-roots game. For everyone else though, up is still down, because FIFA wins again.".

Level7 8/10 8/10

Level7 is one of the sites with a leaked gameplay video the last week. In their review they report a new feeling on the pitch which isn't, altough, as good as they would wish to. The whole gameplay, though, is much rougher and clumsier, as said. The final word is: "In the end the step forward on the field isn’t what I hoped for but it is definitely worth your time this year.".

WonderwallWeb 8.0/10 9.4/100

Here is a site one of a kind! WonderwallWeb rated PES 2009 on extremely high levels, stating the game as the certain king of the series and the competition. This year, it hits the world with a totally different view of PES 2010: "It seems that while FIFA is growing stronger, PES is going backwards, becoming a shadow of it’s former self, well on first impressions anyway.". The final view of the game is "a fast flowing, action packed game".

Keep on track, as we are going to update with even more reviews as time runs...


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PES 2010 Monday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Juventus 10-11 GDB Folder V3 BY : TUNEVI Sport Recife GDB Folder BY : ABNER

PES 2010 Sunday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone.

PES 2010 Saturday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Alex Face BY : ARTHUR GATTI Kevin Prince Boateng Face BY : YURI Intern

PES 2010 Friday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Faces Pack by Nylton Martins BY : NYLTON MARTINS Rayo Vallecano GDB Folder

PES 2010 Thursday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Empoli 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TUNEVI Guarani (Brazil) GDB Folder BY : RENANN

PES 2010 Wednesday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Faces Pack Brasileirao BY : MAURICIO Boots Pack HD V2 BY : IBRAKADABRA8

PES 2010 Tuesday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone. Ekotto Face BY : DELPIERO_10 Fiorentina 10-11 GDB Folder V2 BY : TUNEVI

PES 2010 PS3: Fully editable

We've already "warned" you that we are going to do this. Here is the first demonstration of what you can do on PS3 with the use of gam