Nordi Mukiele RuleBreaker Review

One of the objectives still available. Not difficult to complete it. A really useful player if you are looking for a French o Bundesliga Right-Back. There are a few tips to take advantage of his stats. Check them out.


La Liga POTM candidates announced

EA Sports announced La Liga candidates to be crowned as Player Of The Month. Suarez, Courtois, Oyarzabal and Parejo are the top ones. Check out the details and how to vote.


UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC

Two squads required to get a Premium Gold Players Pack. Check out if it is worth to complete this SBC. Currently, its price is around 13-17k.


Anderson Talisca Rulebreaker SBC

A new SBC related to Rulebreakers Promo. It´s Anderson Talisca. It requires one 85 squad and you have 6 days to complete it.


Renato Sanches TOTW Review

Renato Sanches is one of the favorite players in FIFA 21. But is he worth it? Why is he extinct right now? Are there other options in Ligue 1 or Portugues CM? Let´s find out.

POC 2010 - PES to Oedit Converter - Released !!!

  POSTED October 12 |   VIEWS 43861

Finally you can download POC ( Pes to Oedit Converter) 2010. POC allows you to edit PES 2010 faces 3D and Textures.  This POC works with PES 2010 Faces ( for 2009  faces use the POC 2009 ). This is the first version of POC 2010. In future versions we will include support for 1024x1024 textures as well as probably more features like hairs editing. By now enjoy this first version of POC. Thanks for your support. 

 PES - OEDIT Converter 2010 Version 1.0

Thanks for Downloading!

Please give credits to when you create a face using POC. Thanks for your support.

Check out folder ModdingWay Media in your POC 2010 Folder for ModdingWay Logo and Mascot.


You need Oedit 3D Editor by Arushan. Version OEdit 0.2a (b40)


- This POC works with PES 2010 Faces Only, for PES 2009 faces use POC 2009.


- First go to options and setup the oedit path (this is only needed the first time you run POC).

- Then browse for the bin file (face). After click on "PES to OEDIT" Button.

- Oedit will be opened and it will show you the face.


- Face textures .dds and .bmp will be included in the same folder of your bin.

- If the bin file is called face10.bin textures files will be named and face10.bin.bmp

- You can choose not to export textures by unchecking export texture.


- Once in Oedit to load the face texture go to TEXTURE menu and click on MANAGE TEXTURE. Load the bmp file placed in the same folder that your bin.

- After you have made the changes you want go to FILE menu and SAVE.

- Close Oedit.


- Under the OEDIT TO PES button you will find two options : .dds or .bmp. The one checked will be imported.


- Now click on OEDIT To PES button of POBC.

- Finally import the bin file to the AFS file using AFS Explorer.

Credits :

Authors: Ariel SAntarelli, Skunk, Stelios

Graphic Design : StefanACM

Thanks to and Inas for support.

Dedicated to the memory of David (nbmdave) 

Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Lucy.

Konami for another fantastic game.


This software is distributed "as is". We hold harmless of any possible misconfiguration or error this program may cause in your computer.

Copyright © 1999-2009
ModdingWay Staff


Play PES 2011 with Spain and Japan

Thanks to Hio you can play PES 2011 Demo with Spain and Japan national teams. Check out this small application that will allow you to choose which 4 teams you would like to enable in demo.

PES 2010 Monday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Juventus 10-11 GDB Folder V3 BY : TUNEVI Sport Recife GDB Folder BY : ABNER X Valladolid 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TXAK Cesena 10-11 GDB Folder BY : WE-PES WORLD Bundesliga Facepack by Ze Filho BY : RODRIGUINHO Real Madrid CF Kit Set 10/11 BY : MULLER BENTO Liverpool FC Set 10/11 BY : DINO Liverpool FC Set 10/11 - TechFit Model BY : DINO Liverpool FC Trainig Set 10/11 BY : DINO Pack Nike Training 10-11 BY : RODRIGUINHO.

PES 2010 Sunday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone.

PES 2010 Saturday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Alex Face BY : ARTHUR GATTI Kevin Prince Boateng Face BY : YURI International Faces Pack BY : MAURICIO Richardson V1 e V2 by Ze Filho BY : RODRIGUINHO Real Madrid CF Trainig Set 10/11 BY : DINO Real Madrid CF Set 10/11 - TechFit Model BY : DINO Real Madrid CF Set 10/11 BY : DINO.

PES 2010 Friday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Faces Pack by Nylton Martins BY : NYLTON MARTINS Rayo Vallecano GDB Folder BY : TXAK 10 Stadiums Pack with Lightmaps V2 BY : FORZAROMA Vincenza 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TUNEVI Adizero Leather Pack!!! BY : MIGUELSTYLE Netherlands Training 10-11 BY : RODRIGUINHO FK Zeljeznicar GDB 2010-2011 Season by Marinho BY : MARINHO.

PES 2010 Thursday Files

More files for PES 2010 have been added to our Download Zone Empoli 10-11 GDB Folder BY : TUNEVI Guarani (Brazil) GDB Folder BY : RENANN07 Sandro Face BY : SERGIO Brazil Training 10-11 BY : RODRIGUINHO UPDATE Sao Paulo 10-11 GDB FOLDER BY : RODRIGUINHO Breno Face by thgo BY : THGO.