Ribéry Flashback SBC

Ribéry Flashback SBC has been released. You won´t believe the requirements! Check it out.


Team of the Year Revealed

Mbappé is in, Messi is out. The rest of TOTY is the one we have predicted. Check out the players and the rating of the 3 attackers currently in packs.


Suarez Moments SBC

Suarez Moments Objective is available. You need to complete 5 objectives playing in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters ( Max Chemistry and 3 clubs minimum ) Check out requirements, stats, and review. This Moments card celebrates his 2020 goal of the year contender vs Mallorca.


Team of the Year Prediction

11 players, the best of 2020, will get a major upgrade during the Team of the Year promo. Check out our prediction as well as enjoy the art in the concept cards we have created, that are available to download from our drive.


84+ Rare Player Pack Pick SBC

Exchange a squad for 1 of 4 Rare Gold Players, rated 84 OVR or higher. Check out requirements.

Creation Master for FIFA 12 - Beta 6 Released

  POSTED January 16 |   VIEWS 39547

Master Rinaldo released version beta 6 of CM 12. More new features have been added : RX3 FIFA 11 files converted to FIFA 12, export import hair 3D far models, chance to add miniface for referees, and more.

 Screenshots Gallery

In Beta 6

1) Added controls for setting the previous year league performance of a Team.
2) Artificial key field in teamplayer links table was not saved properly. Now fixed.
3) RX3 files are automatically converted if a FIFA 11 file is loaded with the only exception of hair textures.
4) Added the possibility to exoprt / import hair 3D-far models .
5) Added a control for changing the color of specific player hair texture.
6) Added the possibility to modify the skintone (e.g. for creating tatoos)
7) Added the miniface for referees.
8) Added the controls for editing player loans.


In Beta 5

1) Weak foot skill always saved to “Very poor”. Now fixed.
2) Miniface are not deleted. Now fixed.
3) New team country is saved as “Albania”. Now fixed.
4) Minikits are not saved. Now fixed.

Know Problems in Beta 5:
1) Overall player rating calculus is incorrect
2) prevleagueid field not filled properly in the leagueteamlink table
3) Numbers and/or player names in created kits sometime do not appear in game. Reason unknown.

New Features planned for next versions:
1) Edit competition structure
2) Allow to import 3D head models from FIFA 11
3) Add miniface for referees.
4) Add far model hair for specific faces.
5) Modify hair color of  generic textures when reused for a specific player, now they appear gray.
6) Add the possibility to load additional skintones (e.g. for making tatoos)
7) Add player loans.


In Beta 4

1) Fixed a crash during save caused by the names of new players.
2) Fixed a crash when activating specific face for a player.
3) When hair are imported the texture graphic was not updated. Now fixed.
4) Ball of a created team was not saved properly. Now fixed.
5) Changes in position of numbers and names of a kit were not saved properly. Now fixed.
6) Error in loadingsaving audio information for a Country. Now fixed.

In Beta 3

1) Fixed the incorrect rendering of 3D kit model. 
2) Redesigned the “Open – Select all” operation so it is more flexible and removed the “Open – Select folder”
3) Implemented the database expansion.


Before you start

This program will modify your FIFA 12 database. For this reason you will not be able to continue any career you started BEFORE to edit the database.

As soon as you open CM12 it will extract the database files from the big files. I recommend that you make a copy of all the files located in

-          FIFA 12 / Game / data / db

-          FIFA 12 / Game / data / loc

-          FIFA 12 / Game / dlc / dlc_FootballCompEng / dlc / FootballCompEng / data / compdata

If you want to continue a career you must restore the original fifa_ng_db.db.

In order to see the new database you have also to remove any squad file saved in the FIFA 12 subfolder.


FIFA 12 Sunday Mods

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FIFA 12 Saturday Mods

More files for FIFA 12 have been added to our Download Center. Serbia League Kits Pack by Celtian, Rinat Centinela GK Gloves by Stefrenchy, DH-One Pink Gloves by Stefrenchy, Angelo Ogbonna Face by VadioS, Last Serie A Faces Pack by aeh1991.

FIFA 12 Thursday Mods

More files for FIFA 12 have been added to our Download Center. Martin Marvin Face by Guarin_91, Schalke 04 Faces Pack by Wolverine, FIFA 12 Update 12/13 by Ares, 5 International Faces Pack by Shirako, Corinthians Faces Pack by Murilo Lisboa.

FIFA 12 Wednesday Mods

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FIFA 12 Monday Mods

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FIFA 12 Sunday Mods

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