Kimmich FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

Kimmich has received a major update as well as his position has changed. Check out his FIFA 21 stats and find out if he could become one of the favorite players in the game.


Benzema FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

Karim Benzemá received an upgrade in FIFA 21. But is it worth? Maybe the upgrade in numbers is not reflected in his performance in-game. Let´s check out his stats.


Mbappé FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

It´s not a major upgrade, but Mbappé's overall rating has been improved by 1 compared with his FIFA 20 card. Check which stats have been upgraded and why he could become one of the most deadly weapons at the beginning of the FUT season.


The New Sound of the Premier League

The Premier League has launched a new anthem ahead of the 2020/21 season, which starts on Saturday 12 September when Fulham takes on Arsenal at 12. 30pm. Expect this track to be included in the 20 / 21 FIFA Infinity-ModdingWay Mods.


Alexander-Arnold FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

The Alexander-Arnold base gold card has received a major update. From 83, his overall rating has been increased to 87. We check out which stats have been improved.

FIFA 12 Career Mode Details

  POSTED September 10 |   VIEWS 19996

FIFA 12 producer Simon Humber, had a Q&A Live session at Twitter this afternoon. Click on Read More to check out some of the most important features announced about Career Mode.

  • - Career Mode on PC is the same as on console.
  • - International matches are not in Career Mode this year's game.
  • - Commentary in the game mentions your club's expectations & how they are doing. Also about player stories going on.
  • - Form is included this year, getting a good start to the season is important to get your players playing well.
  • - GKs growth curves are set to be a bit later than outfield players, so they mature and retire later in life.
  • - You can buy other club's youth prospects once they join that team's full squad. Watch the news for 'One For The Future' stories.
  • - Some players are loyal to their clubs & don't want to move. If you are their manager then listing them gives them the message.
  • - Transfers between rival clubs can happen but they tend to need big money to grease the wheels.
  • - Players do demand transfers if upset.
  • - There is an option to buy the player at the end of the loan. You agree the fee up front.
  • - You can attempt to sign any player on loan, regardless of whether their club has listed them for loan.
  • - You can renegotiate your player's contracts if they don't like the offer. They might not want to talk for a couple of weeks though.
  • - Youth scouting is back, u have 16 places in your academy so you need to be careful which players u sign so you don't waste a slot.
  • - Young players will develop even if you don't play them, but at a slower rate and they may not reach their potential.
  • - Loan players will grow while they are away from your club, and you can see their attributes growing on the new Squad Report screen.
  • - The minimum age of a squad player is 16, so once your Academy players reach 16 you can offer them a contract.
  • - CPU teams will bid on your unlisted players. They can be very persistent at times.
  • - Transfer deadline day gives you 10 hrs for your final moves & perhaps u receive offers u were not expecting.
  • - You can talk to the media before important games. It's your chance to try to inspire your team or put the opposition off.
  • - If you get fired from a big club then the offers you receive should reflect your slightly damaged reputation.
  • - Being fired as a player or manager mid season isn't in this year.
  • - CPU managers don't get fired.
  • - Created teams and created leagues can be imported into Career Mode.
  • - Rich consortiums do indeed take over clubs in the game, but only CPU ones this year. Stoke went mad in my game with their money.
  • - Career Mode still lasts for 15 seasons.
  • - The league badges are baked onto kits, so they don't change as you get promoted & relegated.
  • - The energy recovery is different this year, so if you have a lot of cup matches to play you need to consider your squad rotation.
  • - The new morale system may cause instability in your team, if you leave players out of the team or the team is under-performing.
  • - A player doesn't disrupt the entire team's morale but he might constantly complain to you that he is unhappy.

FIFA 12 Sunday Mods

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FIFA 12 Saturday Mods

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FIFA 12 Thursday Mods

More files for FIFA 12 have been added to our Download Center. Martin Marvin Face by Guarin_91, Schalke 04 Faces Pack by Wolverine, FIFA 12 Update 12/13 by Ares, 5 International Faces Pack by Shirako, Corinthians Faces Pack by Murilo Lisboa.

FIFA 12 Wednesday Mods

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FIFA 12 Monday Mods

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FIFA 12 Sunday Mods

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