Yamauchi promises GT5 perfection

  POSTED October 06, 2009

Kazunori Yamauchi is the person that gave birth to Gran Turismo series and is responsible for the highly awaited PS3 game Gran Turismo 5. Last trailers and screenshots from TGS 2009 about GT 5 concerned the series fans about damage quality, as integrated to the game... Here is an interview giving us new information about that and a few things to be happy about!

First of all, it seems that the damage model integrated on the TGS version of GT 5 wasn't the latest. According to the author of the interview, he saw a video tha hasn't been released yet which shows amazing damage model, containing real deformation and stuff we didn't see until now! According to Yamauchi, fans shouldn't expect a decent damage model or something incomplete, but he wants to produce something we haven't seen untill now and, using his words, we should "expect perfection" on damage model!

Other information from the interview:

  • Over 950 cars in the final game, all of them made from the top for Gran Turismo 5
  • Cars modeling took like 60% of the development resources
  • Tracks20 locations, with 70 variations (whatever locations means)
  • Cars modification would be really extended. We will be able to change almost everything, not only the stadard parts: engine, brakes etc.
  • Actual damage and deformation

Read the whole interview on GT Planet for more details. It's a really extended but interesting interview! Take not, though, that it's an english translation so a few things could be mistranslated. Have fun...


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