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  POSTED February 11, 2011

  POSTED February 11, 2011 |   VIEWS 4230

Now you can check out your favourite games release dates here at ModdingWay. Get info about recently released games as well as the upcoming ones in the next 45 days. You will not only get the release dates but also the platforms on which those games will be released. For instance on February 22nd it will be released Assasin's Creed Brotherwood just for PC, while on March 8 Homefront will be released for X360 and PS3 but not yet for PC. Remember that in games pages as well as in news related to those games you can check out games data ( release date, official website, etc ) on the right bar. 

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Puyol World Cup Icon SBC

Complete this SBC to earn the FIFA World Cup Icon of Carles Puyol. 5 squads are required. The total price is around 170K.

World Cup Stories Sunday Mini Release

3 new players join the World Cup Stories promo. Giroud, Laporte and Nagatomo. One of them is extinct at the current market price.

Ziyech vs Ferrán Torres World Cup Showdown SBC

Complete these SBCs to earn a Showdown Ferrán Torres and Hakim Ziyech from the FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match-up between Marocco and Spain. Check out the details.

Path To Glory Upgrades

More Path To Glory players have received upgrades after their teams qualified for the 1 of 16 Round. Check out the details.

World Cup Icons Team 2

The second drop of FIFA World Cup ICONs is available now in FUT in FIFA 23. Eto'o, Roberto Carlos, Baggio, Casillas, Hernández, Schevchenko and Blanc. Check out the details.

Bergwijn vs Aaronson World Cup Showdown SBC

Complete these SBCs to earn Steven Bergwijn or Brenden Aaronson Showdown items from the FIFA World Cup match-up between Netherlands and USA.