Swap Items already present in the code ?

A new item was revealed in the FIFA 21 code. When it was discovered it was related to Swaps, those players cards earned through objectives that later you could exchange for Icons. But later other versions about the real purpose of this special item has been revealed.


David Silva TOTW5 Prediction

David Silva had an incredible match to help Real Sociedad to become La Liga leaders. Why would he get the In-Form? Check out the reasons how his card would look like.


Rule Breaker SBC

A strange new SBC from the Rulebreakers Promo has been released. If you complete it you earn an UNTRADEABLE Mega Pack. But the requirements are expensive and strange. You have two days to complete it.


Edouard Mendy TOTW5 Prediction

No doubt that Edouard Mendy will get his first In-Form. There are many reasons that support his chances. Check them out.


Kean, Neymar or Mbappé? Team of the Week 5

PSG scored 4 against Dijon. Kean, Neymar, and Mbappé were the key players of their great performance. Could any of them get an In-Form? Probably. So let´s check out which one of them could be in the Week 5 TOTW.

ProEvo Original Patch 2011

  POSTED January 11 |   VIEWS 9450

Looking for a great patch for PES 2011 ? The ProEvo Original Patch 2011 ( version 1.0.2 ) by ( thanks NightWish)  is what you are looking for. This mod improves graphics and it adds unlicensed teams, kits, badges, leagues to the original game but there are no changes in skills or stats. You will enjoy PES full licensed but with original stats. It includes missing kits, logos, etc as well as som nice improvements in graphics like scoreboards, adboards, turfs, fans, etc. Finally you can play offline but online too. Check out the screenshots and get this mod ... size? Just 93 Mbs! Torrent available!

 Screenshots Gallery

ProEvo Original Patch 2011 1.0.2

New in 1.0.2:

  • Support official patch Konami - 1.03 and DLC 2.00.
  • Menu icons
  • New national logos
  • Nets
  • Some Turfs
  • Heavy rain
  • Scoreboard


  •   Own separate exe (exe/save/kitserver/dt0f.img).
  • Support official 1.03 and DLC 2.00.
  • Real supports fans.
  • Real names of national teams and clubs.
  • Real logos of national teams and clubs.
  • Real logos of the championships and cups.
  • Real kits of national teams and clubs.
  • New adboards.
  • Real sponsors in Master-League.
  • New scoreboard.
  • New weather condition - heavy rain.
  • New menu icons.
  • New nets.
  • New turfs for some stadiums.
  • New logo-replays for all leagues and cups.
  • Comfortable automatic installer... and as always full support for online mode
  • No changed skills!


  • ProEvo Original Patch 2011 1.0.2
  • Credits: with support Football-Tour.
  • Original idea: NightWish and Jerboa
  • team:
  • Jerboa: option, kits, logos, menu and other…
  • CSKAFANATIK: Own separate (exe/save/kitserver/dt0f.img).
  • NightWish: automatic installer, Graphic arts, menu logos.
  • Ken32: Real sponsors in Master-League.

Helping : Vlades, Atom31, -FG-.
Other authors, without whom this patch would not be (thanks to them!)::
Mr_Iron, Denxho, Arquero7171, Slayer67, FrenkieSP, JohnMarrusso, uu99, Master_Rafael, Pocho_SL, Surfaful15, CarLosiK89. And other many kits makers.


PES 2011 Latest Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center. Romulo Face by Kwill, GDB Viktoria Plzen 11-12 by sheridans, GDB Napoli Champions League by sheridans, Chris Gunter Face by Starkiller, Faces Pack Vol.

PES 2011 Latest Files

Even when we are close to the release of PES 2012 we continue adding files to our Download Center. Luis Advincula Face by Starkiller, Alfredo Morales Face by Starkiller, Elia Face by Carva & Fanta, Julian Cames Patch 1.

PES 2011 Saturday Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center.

PES 2011 Tuesday Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center. Malavan Anzali (persian gulf cup) by iran9 by iran9, C.

PES 2011 Monday Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center.

PES 2011 Sunday Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center. Faces Pack by Nickless & Darcheville, Faces Pack by NyltonMartins, EPL Faces Pack by artur171, Facepack Vol.