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FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Gameplay V1

  POSTED November 24 |   VIEWS 13325

Erevos released a new version of his Transformed Gameplay Database for FIFA 11. ETGD is a global change on almost all attributes-stats for every single player in FIFA 11, the idea came from Matrix by Kenny but EGTD is something different! ETGD is making the CPU attack and defend hard with passion, with variety in the attacks, long shots, 1-2's, combinations, lob passes etc. On defence CPU will try to steal the ball, he will pressure he wil try to close the spaces, to stop the through ball, you have to use you mind and your creativity to have a shot. No more pathetic gameplay from CPU with strong teams too. you will feel the differences on how they play between Barcelona and Chievo.

  FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Gameplay V1

ETGD will make your shots more accurate without making them easy to go in the nets, freekicks are now a lot better for you and for CPU.

Power and Speed is a big part of the changes, now a heavy CB must use only his mind and body and the correct timing to win with his body the ball from a player like Walcott, Messi etc or else he is really in trouble. on the opposite you have to marking players like Drogba or Lukaku with smart way if you control Rafael for example.

In lower leagues or weak teams, the players will do more often mistakes, but if a player in a lower team has a good passing he will be good in passing the ball.

GK will handle the ball better.

- Erevos Transformed Gameplay Database is build with the Final Fixed Database by GSP
- is compatible with Patch 1.01

Check this forum to know more

Enjoy the new expierence from ETGD v1

Thanks to:
special thanks to fbuttem for being such a great tester!
fidel - for inspiration
Kenny - cause Matrix gave me the idea
GSP & mogolos - for the great fix in teams
smf-fede - for the tests in ETGD
lipaaaa - for the "Transform" word
pao4ever - for the great help with excel
and many other boys and girls!

*ETGD is compatible with fidel's Hybrid Gameplay, LOD, MD's camera patch.

Instructions about ETGD + LOD:

*Those that already have ETGD, skip step 2

1 - take the files fifa_ng_db & fifa_ng_db-meta and put them inside FIFA 11Gamedatadb (if folder db doesnt exist, create it)
2 - take the data0.big & and your favorite settings.lua, put them inside fifafs folder and run the "run me.bat" now take the two data files from fifafs and put them inside FIFA 11Game (backup your current ones if you want to revert back)
3- in game do the "RESET ALL SQUADS" (two-three times)

Feel free for feedback, questions, criticism, whatever :)

by Erevos


FIFA 11 Weekend Files

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FIFA 11 Wednesday Files

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World Tour 2011 Version 2.0

You can get Version 2. 0 of World Tour 2011 Mod for FIFA 11. This mod developed by Shahab Shaterian from www. fifa-asia. net brings you National Teams from all arround the world. Check out the official Trailer.

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