Rule Breaker SBC

A strange new SBC from the Rulebreakers Promo has been released. If you complete it you earn an UNTRADEABLE Mega Pack. But the requirements are expensive and strange. You have two days to complete it.


Edouard Mendy TOTW5 Prediction

No doubt that Edouard Mendy will get his first In-Form. There are many reasons that support his chances. Check them out.


Kean, Neymar or Mbappé? Team of the Week 5

PSG scored 4 against Dijon. Kean, Neymar, and Mbappé were the key players of their great performance. Could any of them get an In-Form? Probably. So let´s check out which one of them could be in the Week 5 TOTW.


Will Lewandowski get a second In-Form ?

Lewandowski is on fire. Today he scored another Hat-Trick. A new In-form could be coming next week when Team of the Week 5 will be announced. Check out how this item would look like.


Defy the Norm SBC

A new SBC related to Rulebreakers Promo. You can earn an UNTRADEABLE Rare Gold Pack. Check out requirements and what we got.

NBA 2K10 MJ Creating a Legend

  POSTED August 17 |   VIEWS 8626

Erick Boenisch producer for NBA 2K11 announces what it’s actually an entire new mode entitled “MJ: Creating A Legend”, featuring none other than Michael Jordan. This mod is enabled when you complete all 10 Jordan Challenges.

And if you continue playing NBA 2K10
you can get from out Download Zone the final Rosters Update by Master Kova!


The concept for this mode is simple, you take rookie Michael Jordan into today’s NBA and place him on any team of your choosing. From that point on, you will be controlling Michael exclusively as you guide him through his career and define his legacy against the greatest stars the current generation of NBA players has to offer. 

Imagine putting Jordan on the Heat. Your starting lineup would be Wade, Jordan, LeBron, Haslem(?), and Bosh. Maybe you’ll want to pair him up with Kobe to see how two of the greatest players of all-time play together. Or maybe you’ll want to put him on the Clippers to battle Kobe and the Lakers head-to-head for the true bragging rights in the City of Angels. The number of scenarios you can create in this mode are endless. What do you think would make for a great story?

One thing to keep in mind here with this mode is that you will be with rookie Michael, who will only be rated a 79 to start out with. This leaves you with plenty of room to improve his overall rating as you guide him towards super-stardom. I can tell you that his physical skills and general athletic ability are through the roof, but you’re going to need to build his outside shot, his defensive prowess, and his unmatchable killer instinct in the clutch before you can take him to ‘best ever’ status. You can build up Michael’s rating by earning Skill Points and spending them on the attributes of your choice. These Skill Points are earned by in-game stats and accomplishing in-game goals set forth by the game.

The presentation for the mode is centered entirely around Michael. The entire menu system has been branded to feel Jordan-centric. The in-game presentation will speak a lot about Jordan’s rise to the NBA early and how he will fit into the team you have chosen for him. From there, they will call out important milestones for Michael and discuss how his season/career is progressing moving forward. I have seen some discussion about whether this replaces the popular My Player mode from 2K10. It absolutely does not, I will be speaking about My Player in the coming weeks in a Developer Insight.


NBA 2K11 Friday Files

We are still adding new files for NBA 2K11 to our Download Center. Francisco Garcia Cyber Face by lzz, John Salmons Cyber Face by lzz, Electronic Dornas Pack Pack 3 by JoeJames, Special Rev 30 uniforms by JoeJames.

NBA 2K11 Wednesday Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center. DAKTRONICS Custom Current Shot Clock Numbers by se7six, Miami Heat South Beach Edition Alternates by qfrmcpt310, Complete Dorna Pack by karlopb, All Star Celebrity Game Mod by MGX.

NBA 2K11 Monday Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center. Daktronics Custom Classic Stadium Shot Clock by se7six, Real 2012 New York Knicks Jerseys by qfrmcpt310, 2012 All-Star Weekend Pack by qfrmcpt310, Nike Lebron IX Shoes by Dmayne, London 2012 Arena by qfrmcpt310.

NBA 2K11 Latest Files

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NBA 2K11 Tuesday Files

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NBA 2K11 Sunday Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center. Hawks Cyber Faces Pack by Miao, Nike Transformers Basketball Shoes by Small Wood, Washington Mystics WNBA court by Mythbuster, Ultimate D. J Augustin Cyberface by STOMPMYJORDANS.