FUT 21 TOWT 4 - Team of the Week

The FUT 21 Team of the Week 4 has been revealed. It includes improved versions of Werner, Depay, Rashford, Müller, Ibrahimovic, Florenzi. Check it out as well as the players' stats.


Objective : Mukhtar TOTW

You can get Mukhtar TOTW by just completing a few objectives by playing Friendlies in the Silver Lounge ( that means playing exactly with Silver Players ).


FUT - Tips to have fun #dontfollowthemetaflock

FUT is fun but if you understand what to expect and how to approach the mode. Here we give you 5 tips, probably not the ones you will read or hear on other websites or social media. But be sure that if you understand this, you will have fun playing FUT.


Haaland and Depay - The lethal duo

Haaland and Depay. Strong and Powerful. A lethal duo, not expensive that could help you to find your way to the top. Check their review and how they can play together.


UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC

Two squads required to get a Rare Electrum Players Pack. Check out if it is worth to complete this SBC. Currently, its price is around 35-45k.

Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11 - IGN Preview

  POSTED August 13 |   VIEWS 5040

IGN posted an article about Jodan Challenge mode in NBA 2K11. "Yesterday I went hands-on with every mode that incorporates Mike and can say that I've never seen such a wonderfully nostalgic yet wholly original treatment of one of the world's greatest athletes. It wasn't until I actually saw the context and the amount of detail that has been put into recreating Jordan's greatest games that I got really excited about how much potential MJ brings to the table." Click on read more to check out IGN preview.

 Screenshots Gallery

Every single one of the challenges (which date from his rookie year to that "final" shot against Bryon Russell and the Jazz) features every player that you'd care about. Whether you're talking about Horace Grant on the Bulls, James Worthy and Magic on the Lakers or Karl Malone and John Stockton on the Jazz, they're all here. What's even more impressive is that they all have their signature moves and styles in the game. 

It's hard to put into words how cool it is to see Michael take on the various looks that we all know and love from throughout his career. Even more special is the fact that 2K Sports went to great lengths to track down each of the starters for every one of the opposing teams Jordan will face throughout the list of challenges.

As if Jordan Challenge wasn't already shaping up to be the biggest time-suck in the history of sports games, 2K Sports seems to have gone the extra mile in just about every way. Not only will every jersey and stadium be authentic, but the 2K commentary team recorded custom dialogue to match each situation. If you hop into the The Flu Game you'll hear them reference Mike's temperature and his performance in earlier games in the series.

Last but certainly not least is a mode called MJ Create-a-Legend that opens up after you've completed all ten challenges. The premise is simple: players insert Rookie Michael Jordan into any team they want.

Read Full Article Here


NBA 2K11 Friday Files

We are still adding new files for NBA 2K11 to our Download Center. Francisco Garcia Cyber Face by lzz, John Salmons Cyber Face by lzz, Electronic Dornas Pack Pack 3 by JoeJames, Special Rev 30 uniforms by JoeJames.

NBA 2K11 Wednesday Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center. DAKTRONICS Custom Current Shot Clock Numbers by se7six, Miami Heat South Beach Edition Alternates by qfrmcpt310, Complete Dorna Pack by karlopb, All Star Celebrity Game Mod by MGX.

NBA 2K11 Monday Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center. Daktronics Custom Classic Stadium Shot Clock by se7six, Real 2012 New York Knicks Jerseys by qfrmcpt310, 2012 All-Star Weekend Pack by qfrmcpt310, Nike Lebron IX Shoes by Dmayne, London 2012 Arena by qfrmcpt310.

NBA 2K11 Latest Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center.

NBA 2K11 Tuesday Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center. Adam Morrison Cyber Face by lzz, Eddie Curry Cyber Face by lzz, Darius Songalia Cyber Face by lzz, Phoenix Mercury WNBA court by Mythbuster, LA Sparks WNBA Court by Mythbuster.

NBA 2K11 Sunday Files

More files for NBA 2K11 have been added to our Download Center. Hawks Cyber Faces Pack by Miao, Nike Transformers Basketball Shoes by Small Wood, Washington Mystics WNBA court by Mythbuster, Ultimate D. J Augustin Cyberface by STOMPMYJORDANS.