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Nabil Fekir Road to the Knockouts SBC

Nabil Fekir has just received a Road to The Knockouts Europa League card. To get this card you have to complete his SBC. 2 squads are required and the total price is around 95K. Check out details and review.


Road to the Knockouts Team 1 Released

Now available in packs, the Road to the Knockouts Team 1 has been released. Marquinhos, Sané, Vidal are among the top UEFA Champions League player. But the highest rated one is from Europa Conference League, Heung Min Son. Check out how these cards would be upgraded and current prices.


De Ligt Road to the Knockouts SBC

De Ligt has been selected as the first SBC player in this new Road to the Knockouts Promo. 6 squads are required, and a price of around 80k. Check out the review and detailed requirements.


André Road to the KOs Player Objective

André, LOSC Lille player, got a Road to the Knockouts card that you can earn by completing objectives in FUT Friendly: Group Stage Glory. Check out objectives to complete and a review of his card.

FIFA 10 impressions (PS3)

  POSTED September 11 |   VIEWS 6355

We played the next-gen version of FIFA 10 on Playstation 3 and here are our first impressions...

I wouldn't think this as a revolution on soccer games, but EA Sports has done great job with their improvement, once more. Animations are still great with some new additions, player models got better and more real (although KONAMI's models are  far better, i think), 360° is a nice addition to make the gameplay more interesting and the whole package keeps getting better and better.

After about 10 matches playing the game and with the experience of previous version of both soccer titles (FIFA and PES)  in mind, i have to say: FIFA 10 is a really nice game!

You may feel some different approach on the game as soon as you see the entrance of the teams in stadium. EA Sports worked much on cut-scenes this year trying to make you feel that everything except the real football action is also taking part on the same stadium! The entrance, the yellow cards you face, player's complaints and all those independent cut-scenes are now a part of the game and make your experience much more fluid. Stil, there are some cut-scenes fully independent (like CPU's celebrations and half-time scenes) but even this feel much better than before.

The graphics improvements take a part in this feeling. Models got better and, finally, the shirt numbers seems to have a normal size! Obviously, EA Sports considered that in the year 2010 it is time to make their size more close to the real life. Still, they are a bit smaller than they should, but at least you won't see those stupid tiny number on the back of every player and this is something i would expect to see on a real next-gen game.

Considering gameplay, you may  see the new additions as long as you get the controllers on your hands. Players fighting along the pitch, the 360° dribbling and better ball physics (especially on shots) are something you will notice at the first minute you play! The whole experience is much more fluid now and there are many times that you may think "hey, i think i've seen something like this on TV!"... Great things can happen on a game and you can see such many different types of plays in a simple game of 3 minutes. The 360° isn't revolutionary, as you may think, but gives you more freedom and a better way to put your ideas on the field and make your game even better. Consider, thought, that i use to play with the digital cross, instead of the analogue stick, so this may be more important for other guys!

Trying to sum up, my opinion is: if you liked FIFA 09, you will love this! If you though last year's EA Sport's soccer title was the best game, then this is going to be a thrilling experience to you! But if you are still looking for a soccer game to replace PES 5 or PES 6 on your heart, this is just a nice game that won't touch you that much (i am most on this side). FIFA 10 is much better than PES 2008 and PES 2009, i think, but is still a FIFA, having the old arcade character on the basic structure, with some great simulation improvements put in together to cover that... It's like EA  Sports' approaching realism from a different angle than KONAMI, and  the distance between realism and FIFA 10 is much less than realism and PES 2008/2009. But if PES 2010 comes back with the good old gameplay, then i will prefer this approach to a soccer game.

I just hope KONAMI wouldn't have spent all this years trying to find the good PES! EA Sports is keep getting their game better and better, adding new things, features and fresh ideas that offer new experiences to FIFA fans, while japanese spend 3 years to find the way to give us the same experience as PES 6 with some new graphics! This not evolution (and sure, it can't be considered as revolution), this is just misery! If PES have been improved half as FIFA since 2007, we would have real soccer on our monitors!

Stay in touch for some videos and maybe compare screenshots soon...


FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Available Now

Electronic Arts today announced that FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, the popular game mode expansion that creates a new way of playing the award-winning EA SPORTS FIFA 10, is available now to download for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Preview Video

Gamespot takes a look at the FIFA 10 Ultimate Team add on in their Daily Demo. Ultimate Team game mode expansion woññ be released in February 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

FIFA Soccer 10 Ultimate Team Videos

Ultimate Team game mode expansion will be released in February 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Like the previous version, the mode allows for the creation of a custom team based on the collection of various types of cards.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Trailer

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is a deeper, more authentic, more dynamic version of the game mode successfully introduced last year and enables fans to customize the way they build their Ultimate Team.

FIFA 10 Boot Center V 1.0

Hrvoje released his Boot Center for FIFA Soccer 10. With this tool you can export / import boots to FIFA Soccer 10. DOWNLOAD IT HERE In order this tool works properly you need to install : Microsoft . NET Framework 4 Beta 2.

Phase 2 of 2010 FIFA Interactive WC kicks off

Over 400,000 football gamers have played in the online competition of FIWC 2010 20 places still up for grabs for the FIWC Grand Final in Barcelona on 1 May 2010.