Politano Road to Knockouts SBC

Matteo Politano is back with another special card. This time is the Road to The Knockouts ( Europa League ). 2 squads are required in this SBC and a total value of around 60K. Check out requirements, solutions, and the review.


Road to the Knockouts Team 2

EA released the second Road to the Knockouts Team. It includes Reus, Werner, De Jong, Fred, and Jesús Navas are among the top players. Check out the players, current price and review.


Kruse Road to the Knockouts Objective

Max Kruse Road to the Knockouts is available as a new Objective player. Check out the objectives you have to complete to get him and the review.


Bernardo Silva Road to the Knockouts SBC

Bernardo Silva Road to the Knockouts card is available through an SBC. 4 squads are required for a total price of around 115 K. Check out requirements, solution, and review.


Don´t Stop Til You're 99 Promo coming in November

A new promo is coming in November. EA, in combination with Adidas, announced the "Don´t Stop Til You're 99" promo. These new cards will have a boost up to 99 to either pace, dribbling, or passing stats. Check out the details.

DiRT 3 Announced

  POSTED August 02 |   VIEWS 4938

The X-Games ushered in the first trailer for Codemasters Dirt 3, a minute-long teaser that culminated in the publisher revealing a 2011 release window. Rally racing is again the name of the game in Dirt 3, where physics-based car tuning is paired with exotic environments ranging from arid desertscapes to winding snow-steeped mountainous byways. And judging by Codemasters' first trailer for the game, the studio will be staying true to those principles.

  DiRT 3 Announced

Opening shots show a rally car zipping through a dry, dusty environment at dusk, catching air off of uneven surfaces in its path. The car then transitions to cruising through a torrential downpour along a highway by a lake, with dense forest and brooding skies overhead. It's then on to the northern climates, as the same car is shown skidding through a blizzard up in the mountains, with evergreens lining the treacherous roadway.

More cars are then shown joining the race, through what looks like a coastal European town on a bright, sun-drenched morning. As the cars weave in and around one another, a background shot shows a vehicle catching massive air off of a large dirt ramp. The trailer then appears to take a page out of Disney Interactive's Split/Second, showing a tractor trailer's bed exploding while the car drifts around and under it.
Beyond a release window, Codemasters offered no additional details about the title.

Dirt 3 Review

Dirt 3 is a superb off-road racer that adds some great new features and improves upon its predecessor at just about every opportunity.

Dirt 3 IGN Review

IGN gives its video review of the new off road racing game Dirt 3. Does Dirt 3's return to rally and addition of Gymkhana pan out? Check out the video review to find out.

Dirt 3: Head 2 Head Gameplay Trailer

Check out this gameplay straight from the new off-road racing game Dirt 3. Race next to a direct opponent while never touching in Head 2 Head, Dirt 3's version of Dirt's Crossover events.

Dirt 3 Gameplay Trailer

An exciting new gameplay trailer for Dirt 3!.

DiRT 3 Multiplayer Trailer

Get ready for the extreme off road racing game Dirt 3. Check out this multiplayer trailer for when driving at high speeds on tiny roads just isn't dangerous enough.

DiRT 3 Screenshots

Check out the latest screenshots from DiRT 3. DiRT 3 will boast more cars, more locations, more routes and more events than any other game in the series.