Miura and Nakamura Moments SBC

  ExpiredFIFA 22

Two Japanese legends received a Moments card. Shunsuke Nakamura and Kazuyoshi Miura. 2 squads required to get both and a total price of around 80K.

  Miura and Nakamura Moments SBC

 Kazuyoshi Miura

  •  Squad Rating: Min 83
  •  Team Chemistry: Min 75
  •  Price: 30K

Celebrating him becoming oldest scorer ever in 2017 at 50 years old

The Good

  • Outstanding Positioning (96)
  • Great Curve and Vision
  • Good Dribbling, Pace and Shooting Stats
  • Good Stamina (84) and Composure (86)

The Bad

  • Skill Moves 3
  • No Traits
  • Poor Jumping
  • Average Strength

 Shunsuke Nakamura

  •  Squad Rating: Min 84
  •  Team Chemistry: Min 70
  •  Price: 55K

Celebrating his sublime goal against Manchester United in UCL 06/07

The Good

  • Great Passing Stats ( Vision 92, Curve 98 )
  • Great Long Shot (90) and Shot Power (86)
  • Set Pieces Specialist: Free Kick Accuracy 98
  • Good Dribbling Stats
  • Outstanding Composure 96
  • Trait: Finesse Shot

The Bad

  • Skill Moves 3 | Weak Foot 3
  • Average Strength
  • Positioning is not so good as his shooting stats suggest


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