Ultimate TOTSSF Guaranteed SBC

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EA released the Ultimate TOTSSF guaranteed SBC. The price goes from 325k to 363k. Remember that top players included in ultimate TOTSSF are Van Dijk, Messi, Cristiano, De Bruyne and Lewandowski, all rated 99. 

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You have to complete just one squad but it´s really expensive since they ask for an 89 rated squad with 70 chemistry and a TOTS Player. Taking into account that you probably half of the players you could pack are worth below the price of the squad you have to exchange, probably this SBC is not worth it. On the other hand, FUT 20 life cycle is about to end so if you have the coins why not try your luck? 


Emil Forsberg UCL Showdown SBC

Emil Forsberg and RB Leipzig will try to reach UCL Final next Tuesday against PSG. EA introduces this SBC to get a 94 card priced around 100K.

Juan Bernat UCL Showdown SBC

Juan Bernat is playing next Tuesday his chance to reach the UCL Final. EA introduces this SBC to get a 92 card priced around 110K.

90+ TOTSSF Guaranteed SBC

Finally the 90+ TOTSSF Guaranteed has been released. You have 3 days to complete it.

Sebastián Blanco Award Winner SBC

A new MLS SBC featuring Sebastián Blanco. Price around 48K or 55K. The downside of this card is its composure ( 77 ).

FUT 20 TOTW 43 - Team of the Week

The FIFA Ultimate Team season comes to an end and with it the latest FIFA 20 TOTW. FIFA 20 Ultimate Team TOTW 43 is now available including De Bruyne, Lukaku and Immobile, among others.

FUT 20 TOTW 42 - Team of the Week

TOTW 42 has been announced. One card stands out above the rest: Harry Kane. Tottenham's center forward card has an overall rating of 94. His card evolved from the original 89 to 94 through 5 TOTW cards.