Team of the Week 18 Prediction

This is our Team of the Week 18 Prediction. It all depends on EA choices but there are many good contenders for the same position. So let´s find out which players could make it into the next Team of The Week.

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1. Nick Pope ( Burnley )

Clean sheet at Anfield to help Burnley to defeat Liverpool. A player like Pope could make this TOTW really interesting. Anyway EA could also pick Pavlenka or Schmeichel.

2. Marcelo ( Lyon )

2 goals to get his second In-Form.

3. Elvedi ( B.Monchengladbach )

2 goals to get his second In-Form and help Borussia Monchengladbach to defeat Dortmund. If it is not him EA could pick Alaba.

4. Tagliafico ( Ajax )

1 assist and a solid performance. Probably not enough, but he is a player that could help to make this TOTW more interesting.

5. Rodri ( Manchester City )

1 assist and an outstanding performance to help City in their midweek victory against Aston Villa.

6. De Jong ( Barcelona )

Unless EA decides to give him a Flashback TOTY or Moments card, he will be present in this TOTW. 1 goal and a brillant performance for the dutch player.

7. Arthur ( Juventus )

He scored the first goal to help Juventus in their victory against Bologna. Remember that if he gets this TOTW he will have his Ones to Watch card upgraded too.

8. Kostic ( Eintracht Frankfurt )

1 goal and 1 assist. An interesting card for this TOTW.

9. Diaby ( Leverkusen )

As well as Kostic, 1 goal and 1 assist. Remember he already has a UEFA Europa League Road to the Final card.

10. Icardi ( PSG )

1 Goal and 1 Assist. It´s his second chance to get an In-Form. Remember he already has a UEFA Champions League Road to the Final card.

11. Hazard ( Real Madrid )

He is back! 1 Goal and 1 Assist. It would be his firts In Form.


  • Pavlenka
  • Niakhaté
  • Golovin
  • Canales
  • Zaza
  • Kramaric
  • Borja Mayoral


As we already said, there are many possible contenders that we need to consider. If EA does not pick Arthur then Cuadrado could make it into the next TOTW. Another one is Alaba. We pick Alaba because we can not pick Kimmich, that had an exceptional performance but due to his TOTY card he can´t be part of the next TOTW. Schmeichel could be in the team instead of Pope. Benzemá could also be in the team but it seems Hazard will take his place.

The Joao Felix Dilema

Joao Félix Headliner card will be upgraded after Atlético Madrid won 4 league matches in a row. He scored one and assisted Suarez in their last match. Would EA give him a +2 upgrade to his Headliner awarding him an In Form? Not sure. They did that with Ben Yedder, but the french striker scored 2.

Romero Mystery

Another contender. The Atalanta defender scored 1 goal and assisted another one. We don´t know how EA will upgrade this card if they decide to give him an In-Form. His Silver Star card stats correspond to an 81 CB so this will be like an upgrade from 81 to 84.

Silver Star

We believe that Boulaya could get the Silver Star.


Team of the Week 20 Prediction

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