RRP 2K3 Mod for NBA 2K10

You can enjoy the 02-03 season in your NBA 2K10 thanks to the RRP 2K3 Mod made by Leik and released by . Cyber Faces, Arenas, Rosters all you need to enjoy a great season. Play with MJ at Wizards and Shaq at Lakers.


  • We suggest you to duplicate your NBA 2K10 folder and rename it to RRP 2K10.
  • Then copy files from this mod to RRP 2K10 folder.
  • Copy Rosters and Setting into your save folder.
  • If you don't like shadow patch do not copy those files.
  • Start your game from RRP 2K10 folder.
If you duplicate NBA 2K10 folder you will be able to keep your NBA 2K10 without changes. It will be like having 2 different games.
Download it Torrent Available

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- GH_33 for some of his cybers!
- suirad for great jersey!
- inbar for ingame logos help and support!
- lazymac for Ray Allen
- KEN_FLY for some of his great cyber!
- *RAGE*StC for support!
- aloncho11 for Coleman c-face and support!
Thank 2 NBALIVEJAM fam
- [email protected] (Man you are great, I don't imagine this project without you! Really, man! : )
- Vlad aka vlad_jam (You are another great man, you courts are best!  )
- Snejok aka DJam (Yo-yo, man thanks for your great cybers, you support me every time!  )
- MonsterJam aka MJ_96 (Bro, you really my bro!!! :) Thanks for help with roster, you always was a great!)
- ZIK (Yours logos are impressive, love yours startup screen!)
- Vad ( Thanks for yours jerseys, I'm hope you will finished yours work)
- Deema ( Thanks for cybers, you give some hope on good team work!)
- B3LyA ( Thanks for some of yours great works!)
- Shaq33kavz ( Man you r so young in patching, but I think you have big future in pathing world. But you ust be lil modest)
- t-meh ( Your cover impressive, man you are great in photoshop!)
- Ilya4 and ENEMY (Thanks for some of yours work)