First FIFA 23 Heroes Officially Revealed

Bring football’s fan favorites back to the pitch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team as FUT Heroes, with special items that represent the memorable moments in their career that made them cult legends. 3 of them have been officially revealed. Check out the details.

FUT 23 Heroes in-game will be in the game from launch. But there will be an additional special FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero version for each FUT 23 Hero to be released starting November 11 celebrating a famous performance on the world’s biggest stage.

  • World Cup FUT Heroes
    • All FIFA World Cup FUT Heroes will have improved ratings compared to their base items, depending on their memorable international moment.
    • FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero items will be in-game starting November 11th.
    • If you pre-order the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by August 21, you’ll receive your FIFA World Cup FUT 23 Hero item starting November 11, 2022.

Heroes Revealed

Park Ji Sung
It's fitting that Park Ji-Sung earned his FUT Hero stripes in the first minute of a game. The energetic South Korean played as if he was launched out of a cannon, driving at defenders from midfield and harrying opponents with tireless pressing. His assist just 36 seconds into a title-decider against Chelsea made him a Premier League champion and an undeniable FUT Hero.

Yaya Touré
Yaya Touré was a midfield mountain who became a Manchester City hero in 2011/12, helping the Cityzens hoist their first Premier League in 44 long years. That year may be remembered for a certain Argentine striker's historic last-minute goal to win the league but the iconic Ivorian scored both goals in the game prior to keep their title hopes alive. That's a true FUT Hero.

Every hero has an origin story. Ricardo Carvalho's started in his native Portugal. During his time at Porto, he went from loanee to league's best player, culminating in an unforgettable European night that made him the FUT Hero he is. Carvalho led Porto to a 3-0 demolition of AS Monaco—the perfect finish to one of the most iconic UEFA Champions League runs of all time. That triumph was also his springboard to the Premier League, where his exploits at Chelsea became the stuff of legend.


FIFA 23 Official Review Trailer

FIFA 23 launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 30. Early Access for FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition begins on September 27, 2022.

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