Position Modifiers Changes in FUT23

According to @FutSheriff, there will be no more specific Position Modifier cards in FUT 23. Every player will have a primary position and many of them a secondary position that you will be able to switch by using a generic position modifier card. Check out the details.

 Position Modifiers Changes

Currently, in the career mode database, a player has up to 4 preferred positions. For instance, Leroy Sané has 3. Left Midfielder, Right Midfielder, and Center Forward. In FUT his preferred position is Right Midfielder and you can only change it to Right Wing or Right Forward.

Well according to @FutSheriff, players will have a primary position and many a second preferred position. It seems that using ONE GENERIC POSITION MODIFIER CARD you will be able to switch between those two positions.

For instance, in FIFA 22, Cancelo has 2 positions, Right-back (primary) and Left-back (primary). FUT 22 only takes into account his primary position. You can only change his position to Right-Wing Back but not to Left-Back

So it seems in FIFA 23, you will be able to exchange his position from LB to RB, or RB to LB.

This will surely have an impact on market prices and the variety of teams we will be able to build.


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