No Headliners in TOTW 17

According to what has been revealed there will be no Headliners in Team of the Week 17. That means that neither Nkunku, Clauss, or Luis Díaz will get an In-Form. On the other hand a player that was really popular at the beginning of the game is back with a Second In-Form.

 No Headliners in TOTW 17

We predicted that 3 Headliners could make it in the next TOTW. Nkunku, Luis Díaz and Clauss. Well EA decided that none of them will get the In-Form.

We feel it´s unfair with Diaz, which performance deserved a Second In-Form.

In FIFA 21 only one Headliner was included in the first TOTW after both Headliners teams were released. It was Hinteregger in TOTW 16.

 Tchouaméni Second In-Form

@FUTSheriff account also revealed that Tchouaméni Second In-Form will be present in TOTW 17.

Not a top performance. No goals, no assists, and his team didn´t even win. We could think that EA is just picking players they think could be popular despite players performances. And Tchouaméni was a popular one during the first weeks. Anyway, Tchouaméni had an interesting passing accuracy in terms of the number of passes he tried. 89% accuracy of  119.


Marquinhos? Yes, Marquinhos. Deserved? No goals, no assists, no clean sheet. His team didn´t even win. They just needed a top player and they picked Marquinhos.


Future Stars Swap Tokens

EA added a new code to the game and it´s related to new Swap Tokens that will be released during the Future Stars campaign that will start next Friday. Check out the details.

87+ Star Player Pack added to FUT 22 Code

A new 87+ Star Player Pack has been added to the code and it will be available during TOTY Promo. SBC or Promo Pack? Check what happened in FIFA 21.

Serie A Player of the Month Revealed

A surprising Serie A Player of the Month award has been revealed. This player will be available probably in two weeks when Vlahovic Player of the Month SBC ends.

Varane Flashback SBC

As it was already revealed, Varane got a Flashback card. Earn a Flashback Raphaël Varane celebrating his inclusion in FUT19 TOTY by completing this SBC. Check out the details.

Full TOTY Honourable Mentions Revealed

TOTY Honourable Mentions team players have been already revealed. 15 players as well as more players that will be available by completing SBCs or Objectives. Check out the details.

New Icons SBCs coming soon

2 new icons will be available by completing SBCs this Friday. One of them is a Prime Icon while the other one is a Mid Icon. Check out the details.