Road to the Knockouts Promo Coming this Friday

A new promo is coming. It´s not  Ultimate Scream or Rulebreakers. It´s Road to the Knockouts, a promo that will include all 3 UEFA competitions, Champions, Europa and Conference League. Check out what to expect, even when not too many details have been revealed yet.

3 New Cards

3 new cards have been leaked on today´s loading screen. Each one of them related to a different UEFA competition. EA used for those cards the same codes that they assigned to Road to the Final cards in FIFA 21. So we expect these new cards to behave in the same way. Players picked will probably get a +1 inform at the release and then based on their team performance they could get additional boots.

Road to the Knockouts could be linked to Road to the Final?

Probably those cards that make it to the knockout stage will continue their road to the final. So let say they give Andrew Robertson a Road to the Knockouts card with a +1 overall rating boost. If Liverpool makes it to the KO stage, Roberton will get another +1 boost. And that card will continue improving if Liverpool progress through the competition to the final like Road to the Final cards did in FIFA 21. This is what we can expect if they used the same code as in FIFA 21.

Players we can expect

3 of the players missing in Team of the Week 4 could be present in this new promo. Probably, that´s why EA exclude them from TOTW 4. Mbappé, Mahrez and Robertson. If EA decides to include them in Road to the Finals promo that´s how their card should look like.

Of course, there are tons of potential candidates. In Europa League, Vardy will surely be one of the players picked by EA. Leicester is in a difficult position to make it through the group so it would be an interesting card in this promo.


From our point of view, this early introduction of UEFA competition cards may be related to the need for EA to get more of their UEFA licenses. It´s an early release of the "Road to" promo. Now starting in the group stage and probably going all the way to the final. Of course, when the group stage ends they will surely add more players with these cards that could improve through the KO stages.


Kostic Road to the Knockouts SBC

Kostic is a new Road to the Knockouts player available through a Squad Building Challenge. 2 squads are required and a total value of around 35 K. Check out requirements and review.

FUT 22 Team of the Week 6 Prediction

It seems to be an interesting Team of the Week unless this week's promo prevents players from being included. Salah, Alaba, Upamecano are among the most interesting players. Check out details in our prediction.

TOTW Upgrade SBC

EA released a new SBC, this one will grant you a TOTW player from Week 1 to 5 or current TOTW. It is repeatable and it requires an 83 squad and its cost is around 12 K. Is it worth it? Let's find out.

Ones to Watch Weekend Report

Lukaku, Saul, Malen, and Tomori are closer to the Wins to Watch Upgrade. Two Ones to Watch Player could be included in the next TOTW and get a +1 overall rating boost.

4 new players added to Road to the Knockouts Team 2

This weekend 4 new players join the Road to the Knockouts Team 2. Renan Lodi, Arnold, Maehle, and Immobile are currently available in packs. Check out prices and reviews.

Politano Road to Knockouts SBC

Matteo Politano is back with another special card. This time is the Road to The Knockouts ( Europa League ). 2 squads are required in this SBC and a total value of around 60K. Check out requirements, solutions, and the review.