Ajax vs PSV - Second Showdown Available

A second Showdown promo is available. This time 2 Eredivisie players will be competing for a new Shodown upgrade. Sean Klaiber, Ajax Right Back, and Donyell Malen, PSV striker. Check out the chances of getting an upgrade.

  Ajax vs PSV - Second Showdown Available

You can get any of these players by completing their SBC

Klaiber - Ajax

Nice Right-Back already with this upgrade. In fact, Dumfries Rule Breaker's price has dropped significantly. A great link for Robben Flashback. Taking into account that Ajax is the favorite to win this match, he is the player we would get.

Malen - PSV

Low stamina and composure destroy this card. Even if he wins they won´t improve that match. It´s a shame because he could be an interesting card to link to Robben since, except for icons and Depay Moments, there aren´t good dutch strikers.

Ajax and PSV will face next Sunday. This is our prediction about the match.

Remember the winner will get a +2 Overall Rating upgrade while if they draw both will get a +1 Overall Rating boost.


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Suarez Moments SBC

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