Chemistry Styles Changes in FIFA 21

Probably many didn´t notice how chemistry styles have changed in FIFA 21. Now there is no chemistry style that increases the composure stat. Also, all chemistry styles boost fewer stats than they used to do in previous FIFA. We have fixed chemistry styles on the players' page, so now you can apply them accurately. 

Changes in chemistry styles have been really huge in FIFA 21. All of them are by far less powerful than in previous FIFA games. Also, some of them change different stats than before.

As we previously said, in the past styles like Sniper or Guardian used to increase composure, but not now. There is no chemistry style that boosts composure. This is similar to the stamina stat, that there is no style that boosts it. 

You have to be careful with the goalkeeper's Basic chemistry style. It uses to boost all stats by 10 but now it only adds 5 points to them. 

In the past, a proper chemistry style could turn a basic player into a beast. Now there is a noticeable difference between regular and top players. Especially, as we said, there is no way to increase composure and that´s really a key stat for top players. 

Be sure to visit our Players Database to find out how new chemistry styles work.


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