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Alexander-Arnold FIFA 21 Upgrade Review

  POSTED September 11, 2020 |   VIEWS 1480

The Alexander-Arnold base gold card has received a major update. From 83, his overall rating has been increased to 87. We check out which stats have been improved.

FIFA 21 Alexander-Arnold

The first major upgrade you find is related to passing. All those stats have been improved. Vision, Crossing, Short and Long Passing have been raised at least 4 points. So, his passing overall rating has been increased from 82 to 87.

Dribbling and Defense stats have been slightly improved, from 78 to 80. It´s really interesting that his composure now is 81 and ball control 87, an important upgrade compared to his FIFA 20 card. When coming to defending stats, it´s really cool that his interceptions rating has been increased to 82. 

FIFA 21 Alexander-Arnold

As you can see compared with his FIFA 20 card this is a major upgrade and an interesting one. Surely, the Alexander-Arnold gold card will be one of the most expensive ones in the game during the first weeks.

When coming to FUTIcon Stats, we find that now due to the upgrade to free-kick accuracy, crossing, curve, long pass, etc, Alexander-Arnold got an 84 rating as SET PIECE SPECIALIST.


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