Frostbite Modding - Promising News

paulv2k4 brings great news about new Frostbite games modding possibilities. As you know Madden NFL 21 has just been released so he was able to work with Madden's structure to learn about Frostbite's new filesystem and SDK. Check out the improvements.


Just posted a few minutes ago by paulv2k4

There is still a long way to go, but there is two great news. First, he has developed a working Madden NFL 21 SDK. This is the key to be able to mod the game. Like Frosty, this step will allow Paul to link his modding tool to the game, create the profile, and access the filesystem in order to manipulate them.

Second, his modding tool is able to launch the game and use a Mod Data folder ( like Frosty Tool ). The next step is to add the mods and see them in action. This will be a critical step into modding possibilities, and as we said before we need to be patient because it could take some time.

Madden 21 is really similar to what we expect FIFA 21 would be. So these steps are really interesting and will help a lot when FIFA 21 is released. 

You can check more info in his yesterday tweet



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