FIFA 21 Gameplay Features Revealed

According to EA Sports, FIFA 21 will allow you to create more scoring opportunities with all-new dynamic attacking systems in the most intelligent FIFA gameplay to date. Will it finally be true this time? Agile Dribbling, Positioning Personality, Creative Runs. Let's see which changes EA will introduce to FIFA 21 gameplay.

EA Sports revealed a new system, named Agile Dribbling. They promise faster footwork that gives you more control and responsiveness in one-on-one situations, and new skill moves like the bridge dribble and ball roll fake turn provide you with the means to explode past defenders. Would this be a new La Croqueta exploit? 

It seems they added a new Positioning Personality trait that raises the importance of positional awareness. So, world-class forwards will hold their runs to stay level with the last defender to stay onside, playmakers will hunt for space to operate between the lines, while the best defenders will close down passing lanes more effectively to make it harder for the opposition to create opportunities. This will make a difference if it really works. Let´s hope surprise mechanics don´t ruin this. 

Another interesting feature will be the Creative Runs. This gives you new options for influencing your team’s movement off the ball, revolutionizing attacking build-up play in FIFA 21 and providing you with more ways to break down the defense. I repeat this sounds really like a game-changer.

They also promise that battles for possession in the midfield, and attacking duels will resolve more naturally than ever before, resulting in smoother encounters between players as they strive to reach the ball. This will be a huge difference when you compare with currently fixed rebounds.

Finally, they say that they will revise the fundamentals of football ( it was about time ). So manual headers, more balanced blocking, more intelligent passing, and increased responsiveness are promised to be present in FIFA 21.

It sounds interesting, but we suffer too many deceptions. Let´s hope this time all those promises will come true.


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