FIFA ModdingWay Mod News

Unfortunately due to personal problems I was forced to cancel or delay ( I´m not sure ) the release of FIFA 16 / 14 ModdingWay Mod. It has been a difficult year for me so I´m trying to find out time to work on the mod but sincerely it has been impossible. I´m not sure if the 18/19 mod will finally be released or not. 

My personal situation this year has not been easy and keep Moddingway online either. There is not too much help from modders ( as years go by modders leave the scene ). So, I´m not sure if I release the mod or not or if I finally decide to release it when I´ll do it. Honestly is far from being finished as I would like to. During October I´ll decide if the mod will be released or not if you are still interested. 

I´ll do everything possible to release the mod but I´d like to enjoy working on it and I´m currently not doing that. Sorry for the situation and thanks for your understanding.