Modding FIFA 18 - Screenshots and info

As you may know we announced the FIFA 18 ModdingWay Mod in our forums. Good news is that we can mod a game we thought it won´t be possible to do. Bad news is that we have limits. Check out screenshots and info about what´s coming. Also we have created these mods working with a new tool that master Shawminator will be releasing soon. It´s different from Frosty Editor, a new tool focused on FIFA 18 !!!! Remember to visit

As we posted before we have limits. We can not add files, we can not mod 3D files, we can not use lua to add more stuff like kitoverlays we did in FIFA 16. So there is no place for revolution mod. We have to be smart to use the resources we have. Let us explain.

Here you see the UEFA Champions League pedestal with UEFA Champions League balls and logo.
Responsive image

Ball model is not perfect just because we can not edit 3D and we have to use one of the models already in game ( Alka Superliga Old Ball ) Well the philosophy now should be "better than nothing"

Anyway if we create that pedestal the pre-match flag will be this one
Responsive image

So one of our users suggested that we create the real flag and we get something like this 
Responsive image

But then the pedestal will be like this
Responsive image

So you see there are limits we have to live with. Anyway we believe that the chance to enjoy a licensed competition it´s worth enough to mod the game.

Kits and Faces

For instance we can add sponsors missing to existing kits. We can also improve kits ( for instance the kits of Turkish Leagues are outdated and without sponsors ). But ... we can´t add new kits. There is no way but for instance for Atlético Madrid we can replace their classic kit and add the third kit. 

Faces. There is no way to add new faces to those players missing. We can not create 3D models. So don´t expect faces we find in FIFA 16 or FIFA 14.

New Teams

Is it possible to add new teams ? Yes but limits again. We will be able to add a few, probably just with home and goalkeeper kits because we need to use ids of teams already present in game. For instance FUT teams ids. Or for instance replace Orlando Pirates by Fastav Zelin to have a complete UEFA Champions League. 

Feel free to ask the questions you have. We will inform you when tool or mod will be ready.