FIFA ModdingWay Mod News

We are back working on FIFA ModdingWay Mods. We had problems related to host and server stuff. Anyway, good news is that keep our promise to continue working next season so be sure that 17/18 will be also available in FIFA ModdingWay Mod. Check out what´s coming for next season and updates for different mods.

During the last week, we were forced to make changes in our website to continue operating. Anyway now we are free to return to mods. As we said our promise is to continue editing during next season, 17/18.

FIFA 16 ModdingWay mod needs a few improvements to complete the season. Also, our aim is to update kits of those teams currently playing 2017 Copa Libertadores. As soon as season ends we will switch to National Teams and cover Confederations Cup and Gold Cup 2017. 

FIFA 14 ModdingWay Mod will include the same features. Our intention is to add more stadiums, improve how menus look and as we announced a few weeks ago the return of Classic Teams gathered in a new database. As you may know, we are able to convert legends faces from FIFA 17 so that will be a great addition to the mod.

FIFA 15 ModdingWay Mod faced a few problems. First, we messed up the database converted from FIFA 16 and that´s a huge problem since rebuild it takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, not many modders are helping with FIFA 15 since most are moving to FIFA 16.

We hope to be releasing updates during the next days and weeks. Please support us visiting Moddingway when you are able to check out latest news about your favourite games.