Project Cars Review

Project CARS doesn’t have any unlockables. You don’t amass a fleet of high-performance vehicles. You don’t buy any new drivetrains or earn prototype engines. You can choose to work your way through a long career of tiered racing events, but even this is optional. You can just as easily start at the highest racing class, with the best cars, facing the toughest competition. Project CARS doesn’t deliver a fantasy of accumulation and progress. What it does deliver is a simulation of racing as tense as it is deep.

  Project Cars Review

  •  Deep tuning system offers tons of customization
  • Open-ended career mode lets you play what you want, when you want
  • Beautiful lighting and weather effects bring the tracks to life
  • The driving feels great

  •  Little to no guidance on complex mechanics
  •  A handful of very bad glitches and inconsistent AI mar the single player
  •  Small multiplayer community makes it hard to find a race sometimes