Master Jenkey is back with new tools for FIFA 15

Master Jenkey is working on tools for FIFA 15. File Explorer and File Loader. File Explorer for FIFA 15 includes support for Fifa15's files, allow to open 2GB file, import rx3 texture with free size and more. Be sure to visit his blog at

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Fifa 15 File Loader

New features : 
  • Game speeder : change gameplay speed
  • Ingame menu : switch mod easily
General Features : 
  • This tool will help modding easier and faster without modifing system file or any regenerate tool.  
  • Works with compressed & uncompressed data. 
Supports :  
  • FIFA15 demo & FIFA15 full version 
  • 64 bit compatible

Fifa 15 Explorer

Features :

  • Support FIFA11 -> FIFA15 file format
  • Support drag & drop
  • Support : .big, .rx3, .dds, .bh, .rx3 ...
  • Import, export with 10 popular picture format : png, bmp, tif, tga, dds ...
  • Import, export file
  • Hex editor
  • BH editor
  • Text editor
  • Image resize, convert