Kits Server 2010 - LOD Mixer Released

Juce & Robbie released LOD ( Level Of Detail ) Mixer Support for Kit Server 2010. Click on Read More to get the link and check out a screenshot to get an idea what it is possible with the new LOD Mixer ( take a look at the grass ). This is just an update for Kit Server ( you need 9.0.3 version of Kit Server ) so unpack these files in your kitserver folder. 

Juce announced that the full release of Kit Server 9.0.4 will have to wait a bit longer, cause he needs to update the documentation and such, so for now just the lodmixer. 

Full version 9.0.4 of Kit Server will include :

  • afsio 9.0.4 (another fix for afs2fs module: 9.0.3 didn't quite cure the bug completely, but this version i believe does fix it for good)
  • time.dll - set match time to any number of minutes from 1 to 255
  • lodmixer


Remember you can get link to latest version of kit server, updates, and all info at

- actual gameplay footage, not a replay -

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