Input on NBA 2K11 Signature Shots

Ronnie from 2KSports announced that that they want to continue to expand their signature shooting animations for next year. That stuff has to get shot this time of year if it's going to be implemented for next year. So Dev is curious as to what shots community would like to see improved. Click on Read More to check out how you can help them to improve NBA 2K series.

Go to their thread at Official NBA 2K Forums here

Please vote for five guys and explain what about their shot is wrong in year's past. I will then turn in a aggregate sum and they'll get those shots mo-capped in the coming year. Please keep all comments to voting only. Here is the format :

LeBron James - He's learned how to shoot left handed.
Shaquille O'Neal - Became the league's best free throw shooter
OJ Mayo - He needs more juice and condiments in his shot.