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PESFan Questions and Answers Part 1

  POSTED August 25, 2009

Konami have released the latest code of PES2010 to the press and posted their Question and Answers part 1 according to their experience playing this beta version.

 Does the crowd make any noise relevant to action on pitch?

Yes. Depending on if you play a home or away game, the overall fans will react accordingly. If an away team has the ball for too long they will begin to get jeered, with the home team getting more regular cheers. Same goes for goals/fouls/pen appeals/etc. ...

What’s the situation with selecting kits?
Like PES2009, the team is restricted to only 2 kits each and different elements of the kits are not interchangeable.
Do a player’s stats change when being placed in different positions?
Yes. The players overall ability number will drop depending on if you play him out of position. Play a striker in CF position and he might have 76, move him to LB and it might drop to 27.
Do skill cards give a player a big advantage?
The cards are quite subtle in their use, a player having a few skill cards does not drastically increase the advantage of that player. They’re more like special traits than special moves.
Can you still use the D-pad for dribbling?
Yes. You can use either the D-pad or analogue stick..
Can you score from distance easily?
No. Opposition teams will provide cover and defend much better than before, meaning shots from distance usually just results in a loss of possession or a shot off target. It’s still possible, but it isn’t easy.
Are there adjustable camera angles
No, camera angles in the current build are the same as PES2009
How often are ‘pinball-esque’ situations?
I would say they can still occur but not with the same regularity as before, as opposition defenders are much better at dealing with too much space.
Do different teams start with different budgets?
Yes. For example playing as Stoke gave me an 8m budget, whereas Everton were given 80m and Man Utd 200m.
Have artificial barriers for throw ins been removed?
Yes, players tend to jostle for position when receiving throw ins now, as no magic barrier appears around a player.
Have you seen any new commentary?
Commentary appears to be the same as in PES2009, although this may be changed at a later date.
Have players standing like statues after a corner or free kick been fixed?
It certainly wasn’t as noticeable if it's still there.
Will manual keeper be brought back?
Yes, I can confirm manual keeper has returned via a click of the R3 button.
How many cards are there in the game?
I counted 42 cards using edit mode in total.
Can you change the goalkeeper gloves?
Not that I noticed.
How does the penalty system work?
By holding down one of the directions and holding x, you can alter the power and height of penalties manually. This is the theory, anyway, but the realisation needs a little work.
Have goalkeepers improved their overall positioning?
Goalkeepers intelligence and positioning does seem better, they seem more aware of the areas at threat than in previous games.
Give examples of different brands on offer as sponsors.
Described as ‘Spanish Insurance Company’, ‘Canadian Beverages Company’, ‘French Security Company’ and so on. These have proper names and come with different benefits depending on how big the club is, 5m/1m sponsorship deals etc.
What about sponsorship clauses?
Usually cancellation clauses are in effect for the bigger deals, such as fininsh no lower than 4th place/lose no fewer than 5 home games in a season. There are also win clauses, such as 100k for a home win.
Tell me about the youth teams.
Every master league team starts with the same group of youth players (including PES legends like Castolo). They tend to be around 16 to 19 years of age, although at some points players were generated who were 15 or 20. These players can be signed to professional contracts at any point.
Can players like Messi and C. Ronaldo ease past players like in 09?
No. Players like these are obviously more skilful, but even they can’t just dart round the team anymore. They’re much more useful, but not invincible.
Will 360 degree movement be in the game?
Yes, but Konami have stated this feature will be in Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the games using the analogue sticks.
Do you still have the overwhelming feeling of the cpu assisting (hindering) you?
Personally I didn't notice it as much, if at all. The auto-responses seem to have gone, and Konami promised to remove these anyway.
Has the pass pathfinding system for passes been reworked? 
Passing seems far more accurate with regards where you directed the pass to go in 2010. However passes will not always find their targets if the player has a low skill in passing.
What are walls like?
You can now add two more players to the walls for extra defence with the trigger buttons. You can also remove these, but you cannot remove players already in the walls from the beginning.
Is challenge training back? 
Not at time of writing.
Have they changed the way the goal nets behave?
Net's seem to be less loose in 2010 but still don't seem to be as tightly strung as most professional world nets.
Are there any German teams in the game?
There is no specific German league however both Champions League and Europa League (for Wii, PS3 and 360) are licensed this year and should account for a few German teams being in the final game.
Apart from the big star players, how to smaller players look? Do they have generic faces?
Smaller players at bigger clubs look great, such as Rafael/Fabio, although obviously aren't quite in the same league as someone like Rooney. Some teams clearly haven't been touched yet, such as Everton, whose players all have quite generic faces.
In Master League what are players values like?
Player wages and “market value” currently appear to be the same thing, which accounts why someone like Yakubu's market value is only around 1.4m. These figures are still slightly off, but tend to be the sorts of things ironed out by the team in the last few weeks (same goes for player stats)
Are time and difficulty settings shown in replays?
No, these don't seem to be implemented yet.
Can you use "OTHER B" teams in ML?
Yes, you can put these teams into the D2 league, English Italian and Spanish leagues. You cannot put them into the French or Netherlands ones presumably because these are licensed.