NBA 2K10 PS3 Demo is Out

NBA 2K10 PlayStation3 demo is out. This demo features a one quarter match-up between last year’s NBA Finals opponents: pitting the Orlando Magic at the Los Angeles Lakers. Click on read more to check out first impressions from users at NBA 2K10 official forums.

"I've never considered going back to live until this year... not because live is a better game, but because it actually is a game.. that I can play, that has working features. Not something that is completely broken. I know im not the only one who has lost all their trust in 2k sports. They will have to earn my trust back before I purchase another game of theirs on release day."

"NBA 2K10 on PS3 (PLAYSTATION 3) is playable and is fun. A lot of the issues and glitches are on the 360. There are a few issues but they dont detract from the game plus the demo is booty. The full game is way better and is not represented right in the demo. But you will need sliders!!! Thats the only REAL issue that I see. It should play better out of the box. But, the sliders I have makes the game play like the games you watch on tv."