FIFA 12 Demo coming on September 13th

EA just announced at Gamescon that FIFA 12 Demo is coming on PS3, X360 and PC on September 13th. Click on readmore, check out the new trailer and some features announced by David Rutter, FIFA 12 producer.

  FIFA 12 Demo coming on September 13th
  • Player Intelligence system in FIFA 12 delivers the next level of AI letting your players react even more authentically.
  • With the new Online Friendlies mode, connecting with your friends will be even easier.
  • EA SPORTS Football Club, announced at E3, will connect you with the millions of FIFA players around the world. This will make every game relevant.
  • Challenges will inject story lines from the real world of football directly into your game.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team will let you build, manage and compete with your dream. Big news: for the first time ever, FIFA Ultimate Team will ship with the FIFA 12 disc this year