UAR SuperGlobal 8 Coming Soon

Our good friend Darth Skinett announced that UAR SuperGlobal 8 is coming soon with new features : New JohnDoe Shadow Mod xxx 10, Lagoa's 3D Models with longer knee pads & braces, TNT Inside NBA, Gory's Accesories and more. Click here to check out full features. Remember to visit Darth Skinett website at

 Screenshots Gallery


  • New JohnDoe ShadowMod xxx 10
  • Lagoa's 3D Models with longer knee pads & braces
  • New 2-Tone long Calf Sleeve
  • TNT Inside the NBA
  • Gory's Accessories 5.0
  • Gory Ankle Brace 4.0
  • Gory Sweat
  • Calf Sleeves (McDavids)
  • Short Arm Sleeves (McDavids)
  • Nike long arm Sleeves
  • McDavids long arm Sleeves
  • Ankle Socks
  • White Socks & Black Socks
  • Long Sock Fix
  • Kobe Knee Brace
  • Elbow Braces (McDavids)
  • Jordan 1/2 Calf Sleeve (Yes it's back !!)
  • Dark Suits (not always Black)
  • Enhanced Generic CF's v.2
  • Enhanced Warmups
  • Muscle Reduction
  • Real Eyes
  • White Teeth
  • and more!!!