NBA 2K11 Kova and Juza Roster Update

Kova and Juza joined forces to create the NBA 2K11 Juza and Kova Roster Update. Realistic gameplay with Juza's Sliders & Settings, Realistic ratings and tendencies from Juza's calculations, accurate statistics, Realistic gear and players accessories and updated contracts, Realistic teams headband and accessories colors and more.

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What's new

  •  Realistic ratings and tendencies from Juza's calculations, accurate statistics
  •  Realistic gear and players accessories and updated contracts
  •  Realistic teams headband and accessories colors
  •  Realistic rosters
  •  Realistic shoes
  •  Super global pack from ramza00 (collected threeq's and gory's stuff)
  •  Realistic gameplay with Juza's Sliders & Settings


- Realistic gear/accessories/headband colors for all teams home and away (no more pinkish red)
- Realistic D-league rosters for association mode, no more fake players!
- bunch of free agents (Iverson, Rubio, Dowdell (new Suns D-league call-up) Daniels...) and all rookies
- realistic shoes pack particulary for this roster with fixed shoes and colors on some players (speights, thomas, curry...)
- 2011 and 2012 draft classes, with all real future players and draft prospects.
- more realistic coaching profiles for your realistic gameplay (teams running more plays, using more bench, etc..)
- new game sliders for superstar/hall of fame level, you can use your own sliders if you want to..
- great and realistic ratings, tendencies, accessories and contracts for all players
- a lot of missing portraits


1.) Download all links below
2.) Put the content of 'Kova Trade Deadline Roster', 'Draft Classes' and 'Kova Sliders' into your Favorites /Desktop / Your Name / AppData / Roaming / 2kSports / NBA 2k11/Saves.
If you don't see it, do this first = Enable 'hidden files and folders'! Go to 'organize' tab on any folder -> 'folder and search options' -> 'view' tab -> scroll down and check the Show hidden files folders -> Apply
3.) Put the content of 'Shoes pack for Kova Trade Deadline roster', 'Missing players CF' and 'MrXcitement Portraits' to your NBA 2k11 folder where you installed your game.

1.) Crashes when you enter association?
- Enter game, enter Quick game, quit quick game and then enter association


[email protected] Zola Jr. - Reditor II
Ryan - D-league, free agents, rookies
King_12 - gears/accessories/headbands color editing
gOry - gears/accessories/headbands color editing
masiete09 - gears/accessories/headbands color editing