FIFA 11 Matrix Beta Test

The matrix is an evaluation system that it´s based on Microsoft Excel. Matrix changes the gameplay, players' skills and the special attributes .The development of the matrix took 4 years. I developed Matrix with a lot of football expertise and attention to detail. So Matrix simply boosts the level of all players in a linear way. Thereby already available differences in strength persist, but the game-playing feels clearly different due to the higher level the gameplay changes! This is a beta test of Matrix for FIFA 11. Please give me feedback how you like it and what can be impoved, don't forget its a early beta version



First make a backup of your original db Folder in your fIfa/game/data directory
Then overwrite the db folder with this db data


More about Matrix . . .

Now it's even possible to beat on a good day one of the top teams of the league with a rather worse assessed team in full activity. But if you use a too offensive tactic against a top team you will easily go to the dogs! The tactical setup and the defensive performance are now coming to the fore! Now the Pro Evo AI is more diversified and realistic and you have to think about your reactions, e.g. if you choose a too offensive tactic you'll allow your opponent to beat you more easily or a defensive tactic and play on the safe side.

The AI's defensive performance changed as well. Normally you were able to beat the CPU with 2 or 3 simple moves, but from now on you gotta play different. The defenders act more accurate, e.g. they are closing defense's gaps earlier. Also the defensive midfielders take part in the defensive action. So you should use the chance to shoot on goal as early as you are able too.

Only problem here is: the goalie!

Due to the matrix the goalie's value was adjusted in many areas. He is now able to exasperate you with his good positional play and parries. But from time to time the ball a worse shoot can rolls through his legs, as in real life!

It's hard to describe the matrix gameplay feeling. It would be best to just try it!

Some facts about the Matrix:

-The stamina values of the players were raised to avoid that after three games players have to rest on the bench to recharge their stamina.

-The matrix also considers the age of the players. A 38 year old player is attached with a lot lower fitness value than a 20 year old whippersnapper! Besides it has been added a higher prone to injuries, that will now happen more often. In this area the age of the players is considered as well, so that a younger player features a lower prone to injuries than the older ones.

-The dribbling speed is pegged to the running speed.

The players' mentality was completely adapted.

-If a player makes bad effort his game skills fall off in quality, which will be more recognized on the offensive players.

-Offensive players are drooping after multiple passed up chances or bad passes.

-This is being considered by the matrix so you'll recognize that a forward or offensive midfielder who's drooling is asleep at the switch and should be replaced.