Superbike World Championship Screens

  POSTED September 21, 2010

 Check out the latest screenshots from SBK X: Superbike World Championship. The hum of the track below you, the hiss of the wind tearing past you, the roar of the engine beneath you: this is the reality of Superbike World Championship.  SBK X, the latest in the SBK series, offers an unmatched Superbike racing experience!

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In the Simulation mode, players can adjust just how much they want the game to take into account.  Does the rider’s weight and height affect steering?  Are your brakes tuned before every race, dependent on how the track looks today?   And if you’re a novice to the genre, the realism can be toned down until you really get the hang of it.  In Arcade mode, all the questions get thrown out the window!  It’s just you, the track, and the other racers!  With the addition of a boost function, the fun of racing superbikes becomes unhindered by pesky things like gear ratios and “getting hurt when you fall over.”

Whether you’re a professional superbike racer looking for a mental test of your abilities, or an arcade junkie with a serious thirst for speed, SBK X has everything you need.   From the fine-tuning of weight distribution and calculating engine performance, to push-button-go-fast racing thrills, SBK X offers multiple levels of realism that allow you to race how you want to.



  • Fully Licensed: from three different classes [Superstock, WSS, and SBK], face over 90 actual racers on their bikes and in their circuits!
  • Multiplayer: go wheel to wheel with up to 15 of your gearhead friends!
  • Evolving Tracks:  The track isn’t just the path you follow, it’s a living part of the race experience!  The track condition changes from wear and tear, causing dry tracks to have better grip in high traffic areas, and wet tracks to dry unevenly
  • Arcade Mode: The great balancer, this mode allows newcomers and old pros to race for the title with simplified controls and an emphasis on speed
  • Simulation Mode: you decide the level of detail you want to work with, from realistic handling to pre-race engine tuning
  • Career Mode: Manage yourself, earn or lose promotions based off your performance on the track, and take an incredible career from humble beginnings through all of the categories of the Superbike Championship
  • Story Mode: New to the arcade mode! Create your racer and follow the dream all the way to the SBK championship 
  • Legends Pack DLC:  Included with the full game, allowing you to race against Superbike legends Carl Fogerty, Max Biaggi, Lorenzo Lanzi, Akira Yanagawa, and many others!